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The X-Force is one of the several existing teams from throughout the Multiverse whose members were taken to Battlerealm to be put at the disposal of the participants of the Contest of Champions.


After Jean Grey seemingly perished to save the Mutants of Battlerealm from the ISO-Terrigen Mist, Magneto attacked the Collector's Ship in retaliation, scattering multiple ISO-8 Crystals containing Mutants across the Battlerealm in the process. The Collector then freed Psylocke and the other members of the X-Force from their ISO-8 Crystals and sent them to search for the lost Mutants for him.

The group eventually came into conflict with the X-Men, who were also looking for the lost Mutants, and with the exception of Wolverine, all the members of the X-Force were defeated by the Summoner.


Equipment: Deadpool's Suit, Wolverine's Suit
Weapons: Deadpool's Katanas, Shurayuki

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