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Quote1 What if it is not I who am Cable, but he who is me? Quote2

Appearing in "X-Tenuating Circumstances (Part 3 of 3)"

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  • Orphan Industries corporate helicopter

Synopsis for "X-Tenuating Circumstances (Part 3 of 3)"

Gideon arrives at a mountain chalet and finally gets away from his facade of a life as a corporate businessman. He meets with others who call themselves High-Lords of the Externals. He announces to them that he has made a mistake in training Sunspot and he is not the next High-Lord, but that he is aware of who is. He says that he recommends that they send out Krule to retrieve Cannonball for them and this is so that they keep their involvement quiet if there are problems. Some of the group do not agree with his recommendation. He also states that he is going to take Sunspot out, since he is no longer needed and he has wasted too much time on him and he wasn't even the High-Lord.

MLF safehouse
Weapon X takes on the MLF by himself. He questions his actions but keeps fighting them all and working his way toward his goal of defeating Stryfe. He reaches Stryfe and finds that he is waiting for him. Stryfe takes off his mask and reveals that he looks just like Cable. Weapon X is surprised and confused since he has seen Stryfe and Cable fight each other. Stryfe tells him that maybe Cable is him or that neither is what they seem. He gets knocked out by Stryfe and wakes up hours later...

Appearing in "Answers (and Questions)"

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Synopsis for "Answers (and Questions)"

X-Force headquarters
Cable tries to calm the team down and gather them together after their win against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He plans to take Masque's head on a pike down into the Morlock tunnels and give them warning to no longer mess with X-Force. He locks up Thornn, sends some of them to go hunt down the remaining Brotherhood members and takes Cannonball away to speak about what has happened with his reanimation.

He explains to Cannonball that he is an External and his reawakening from the dead proves this. He says that Sam is the main reason that Cable has come back to this time and that Gideon tricked Sunspot into leaving the team since Gideon is an External and thought that Sunspot was the next High-Lord. Cannonball doesn't know how to react to this revelation and Boom Boom tries to help him, but is just as astonished as he is.

Department K
Kane wakes up near a Department K headquarters in Newfoundland. He barges his way into the office of General Clarke. He states that SHIELD and G.W. Bridge were right about Cable and that he needs to be taken down and the way to do this is to activate Weapon PRIME. General Clarke disagrees, but introduces Weapon X to an ally against Cable, Rictor. Rictor says that he is ready to help bring down Cable.

Tolliver's hideout
Tolliver brings Deadpool in and asks if they have heard anything from "her" on Cable. Deadpool responds that they have not heard anything in several weeks. Tolliver dispatches Deadpool to knock some sense into her and to help persuade her to give up the information. Deadpool gladly agrees and says he will do it for free. He states that "she" owes him for the last time they met and the pain she caused him. He then reveals that the "she" is none other than Domino.

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