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Appearing in "Friendly Reminders"

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Synopsis for "Friendly Reminders"

Morlock Tunnels
X-Force enters into the catacombs of the Morlock tunnels. They bring with them the bodies of Sauron, Masque and their prisoner Thornn. The Morlocks are seen cowering in the shadows and upon realizing that the intruders are X-Force, they slink further back. Cable announces that he has come to warn them of what will happen should they further attack X-Force and throws the body of Sauron and Masque at them. He then releases Thornn to them and they leave.

X-Force's Headquarters
Shatterstar trains in the team's danger room of sorts. He does not realize that there is an intruder in the box above him. Deadpool watches him and learns his weaknesses in fighting after he has knocked out Siryn. He then crashes into the room and starts fighting with Shatterstar. Deadpool quickly takes him out. He then moves on to Domino.

Domino is studying up on her teammates when Deadpool makes his appearance. He knocks Domino around and continues to call her Vanessa. He reveals that she has been working as a mole for Tolliver and has been giving him trade secrets on the team but has stopped recently. They continue to fight and Deadpool threatens that she must start giving Tolliver what he wants or Tolliver will come after her. He then reveals that she is not really Domino and has just taken her persona.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Weapon X is shown on a giant screen and he tells Bridge that Cable runs both the MLF as well as X-Force. Bridge does not understand what Cable is up to and they agree that Cable must be brought in to find out. Kane states that he wants SHIELD to help, but keep quiet about their involvement. He then says he has gathered Weapon: PRIME to bring Cable in.

Tolliver's Austrian Castle
Tolliver enters the depths of his secret castle. He walks with Pico and enters a room where he is keeping a prisoner. He states that she has been there for more than a year and has not adjusted to their hospitality. The prisoner is revealed to be none other than the real Domino.

Solicit Synopsis

After Sam's awakening, Gideon and the Highlords come together, determined to stop X-Force at any cost. Plus: more revelations regarding Domino's mysterious past.


  • This is the first revelation that Domino has been held by Tolliver for the past year.

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