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Appearing in "Traitors to the Cause"

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. IPAC unit
  • Gideon's helijet

Synopsis for "Traitors to the Cause"

In a Madripoor bar, an External by the name of Crule begins a bar fight since he is being cheated in a game of cards. He heads to the bar when Gideon enters. Crule is happy to see his old friend but upset that he only comes to find him when something is needed. Gideon and Crule fight and he eventually asks Crule for help in capturing the newly risen, High-Lord.

X-Force Headquarters
X-Force has learned of the betrayal by Domino and question her about it. Cable is willing to forgive her, but the rest of the team is still not trusting. Cable finally comes up with a plan and it is to use Domino in a plot to get to Tolliver.

SHIELD Carrier
G.W. Bridge introduces the team to Grizzly and tells everyone that they are going to bring down Cable. Grizzly says that he has a lot to blame Cable for and that his motives for joining the team are valid. They are heading for the X-Force base in the Adirondack Mountains and should arrive in sixteen hours and they head to get rested before they arrive.

X-Force Headquarters
Domino sits in front of a screen and talks to Tolliver. She explains that she has rigged the base to explode during a training session by X-Force and that they should all be killed in the explosion. Cable watches and plans to detonate the bomb to make Tolliver believe they are killed so that they can take the battle to him.

SHIELD Carrier
Rictor stands aboard the carrier and contemplates the battle ahead. Kane walks in and asks why he has not slept. Rictor tells him that he met Cable ten years ago and watched as he killed his father. He says that he has good reason to see him brought in and Weapon X grows angrier at Cable for all the pain he has caused people over the years.

Gideon's Office
Gideon and Crule enter his corporate home. They are greeted by Sunspot who begins to question Gideon's new associate. Gideon becomes enraged and beats Sunspot to a pulp. He then walks Crule around his home and says they will soon learn the reason that Gideon wants the High-Lord.

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