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Quote1.png I'm Dead Girl, by the way. Sorry I'm late. Quote2.png
Dead Girl

Appearing in "One of Us"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bush Rangers (First appearance) (Appears on screen)
    • Zippo (First appearance)
    • Tray
    • Stanley
  • American-European Pharmaceutical Incorporated (Mentioned)

Other Characters:

  • Original X-Force (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed reporters
  • Several Central American revolutionaries
  • Paco Perez (Mentioned)
  • Boys R Us (Mentioned)
  • Peter Milligan (Grave)
  • Blambot (Grave)
  • M.D. Allred (Grave)
  • Laura Allred (Grave)
  • Joe Quesada (Grave)
  • Bill Jemas (Grave)
  • Axel Alonso (Grave)

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "One of Us"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • This is the first appearance of Dead Girl, although she was mentioned in X-Force #121 and Vol 1 122 as a possible recruit for the team.
  • The whole staff of the issue is presented as dead, on the graves of Dead Girl's graveyard.

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