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Quote1.png [...] the children -- had learned all the sins -- of the father -- Quote2.png
G.W. Bridge

Appearing in "Everything Hits the Fan"

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  • X-Force scout ship

Synopsis for "Everything Hits the Fan"

X-Force Headquarters
Weapon: Prime scale the mountain X-Force has been using as their headquarters. They wait for Bridge to blow open the doors. When he does, they pour inside and X-Force jumps to attention. Bridge immediately goes after Cable. Each fight only one member of equal caliber, except Boom Boom and Cannonball both take on Rictor. Rictor tries to sway them to seeing that Cable is using them. Nobody believes him and Cannonball takes him out.

Cable, meanwhile, heads off to teleport the weapons out of the base so they can blow it up and make their escape. He talks to the 'Professor' and tells him to set the bombs that Domino setup to a 30 second delay that can only be activated by his voice command. He then heads back to join in the fight. Bridge thinks that Cable has left the team and ran off to save his own skin. Cable then shoots him and enters the fray.

Gideon's Ophrah Research Facility
Gideon inquires Mr. Joshua about their test subject. He advises that the test may not go as planned and may fail. He then states that their test subject, Sunspot, may die. Sunspot is then seen being hooked up to a machine and being electrocuted.

X-Force Headquarters
X-Force takes out each of the Weapon: Prime members out one-by-one and is almost surprised at how easy it was. Cable then heads to Domino and tells her that they must leave now and that he has called a SHIELD medivac unit to come and pick up the Weapon: Prime members. While they talk of their win, an explosion suddenly rocks the base. Cable is thrown off and does not understand how the bomb has been activated without his voice command.

The timer starts counting down from 30 seconds and Cable picks up Domino and runs into the tunnels. He does not have time to save X-Force and they have become separated. Cannonball suddenly yells at everyone to gather around him so that he can protect them all with his blast-shield. As soon as he flies to them the primary bomb detonates and the entire mountain base explodes.

Tolliver's Hideout
A news channel reports that they are not sure what has caused an explosion that registered a 3.5 on the the Richter scale, but that it may have been caused by an underground gas leak. It reports that authorities are en route to see if there are any survivors. Tolliver then celebrates with Pico and Domino about his mole, Vanessa's change of plans to set the bomb on a revised schedule and to the death of Cable...

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