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Appearing in "Payback!"

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. IPAC unit, helijets & assault vehicles
  • Graymalkin
    • Road Hog Sky Spaceship

Synopsis for "Payback!"

Adirondack Mountains
Cable hangs over a waterfall, holding an unconscious Domino. He has been swept downstream and was barely safe from the blast of X-Force's old base. Upstream, X-Force is recovering from the blast that has destroyed the base. They were saved by Cannonball's blast-shield and most members of Weapon: Prime have gone missing. Kane tells Sam that he is still going to make them pay for Cable's sins and SHIELD suddenly arrives and tells X-Force to surrender. They ignore the announcement and begin destroying SHIELD's vehicles. On a mountainside, the External, Crule watches and waits to be able to get to Sam since he is no longer protected by Cable.

Downstream, Domino awakens to Cable blaming her for the loss of his teammates as she betrayed them to Tolliver. He bodyslides both of them to his secret base, Graymalkin. Professor greets him and states that he cannot teleport the team up to Graymalkin as they are surrounded by high electromagnetic signatures. He packs weapons and Domino into a ship and they take off to find Tolliver.

X-Force continues to take out SHIELD agents as well as their vehicles. They begin to get the advantage when Kane pulls his gun on them all. Rictor jumps in and decides that since Cable is out of the picture, that he truly belongs with X-Force. Cannonball makes his way onto the IPAC unit and announces that the fighting is over and that X-Force is commandeering the IPAC unit. Rictor joins them and X-Force takes off.

Ophrah Research Facility
Two scientists discuss their experiment and how they are unsure of the effects if they continue. They feel that their solar absorption machine is going to kill Sunspot. They question if they should bring up their concerns to Gideon and choose to proceed instead. They engage the machine and Sunspot screams out in pain.

Over Newfoundland
X-Force tries to decide where they should go to outrun SHIELD since they are considered felons on the run. They all come to a decision that they should relocate to Camp Verde, New Mexico and Warpath's old reservation. This way no one will know where they are and they should be hidden enough. Suddenly, they are attacked by Crule who crashes through the IPAC window. He grabs a hold of Cannonball and says he will rip him apart to show that even an immortal can die.

Tolliver's Hideout
Domino takes Cable into an underground sewer beneath Tolliver's hideout. She tells him that Tolliver never installed alarms there since he was sure no one would try to enter. Cable blasts a hole in the door and says he is finally going to kill Tolliver. Pico is shown to be waiting for them and is ready with a whip. Cable simply shoots Pico and they enter the catacombs. Domino suddenly starts to apologize frantically and says she had no idea. Then, the true Domino is seen chained up and ready to be rescued. The intruder Domino starts to explain when Deadpool stabs her in the back and Tolliver is seen entering the room from the shadows.

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