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Appearing in "Jacklighting (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 4)"

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Synopsis for "Jacklighting (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 4)"

West Texas
X-Force is surrounded by both the X-Factor and X-Men teams. They are ready to take X-Force down for the sins that Cable has done to them. They say they do not want to fight but Feral does not believe them and attacks first. Each member takes on someone and the battle gets pretty fierce. X-Force tries to regroup when Havok takes out Rictor and blasts the rest of the team into the riverbank below. Wolverine takes off to continue the hunt.

Chesapeake Bay warehouse
The remaining X-Men and Quicksilver arrive at a warehouse and enter inside. They are immediately attacked by the Horsemen and take them out easily. They are then greeted by a giant holographic Mr. Sinister who tells them that they have been led astray and that he was behind the kidnapping of the X-Men members and that they are all being played in this game of his.

Bishop aims directly for Mr. Sinister's head while he holds Stevie Hunter and Val Cooper hostage and taunts Bishop. Bishop doesn't hesitate and fires a shot at Sinister, blowing a hole in his head. Sinister knocks Bishop out of the way seemingly unfazed by the wound. He then walks to Val Cooper and drops her a note telling her who is behind it all.

Cable's Swiss Hideout
Cable prepares for a fight. Professor tells him of the recent happenings, such as: X-Force's fight with the other X-teams, Mr. Sinister going to the X-Mansion, and the defeat of Caliban and Famine. Cable dons his weapons outfit and tells the Professor that he is going to take the battle finally to Stryfe.

Stryfe's Secret Base
Forearm drags both Jean Grey and Cyclops through a lit hallway. He meets with Zero who touches their foreheads and this awakens them. They take a second to adjust to their surroundings and are greeted by the sight of Stryfe. He tells them that they are the mother and father to the end of tomorrow.

West Texas
Wolverine finds X-Force and quickly attacks and then escapes. Siryn is taken out by Psylocke and Wolverine stops Feral. Cannonball and Sunspot then give up and are detained and taken to the X-Factor ships. Havok apologizes and Sam tells him that it is too late for that. The team then boards the ship.


  • Part 4 of the 12 part X-Cutioner's Song event.
  • * The issue came packed in a polybag with a Trading Card:

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