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Quote1.png It will end, Apocalypse -- it'll end now -- and it'll end with your death! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Sleeping with the Enemy (X-Cutioner's Song, Pt. 8)"

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Synopsis for "Sleeping with the Enemy (X-Cutioner's Song, Pt. 8)"

Banī Mazā
Stryfe confronts Apocalypse in his sleep chamber. Apocalypse does not know who Stryfe is and is unsure why he has attacked him. Stryfe states that Apocalypse has ruined his life from his birth and that he is destroyer of tomorrow. He then stabs Apocalypse with the sword that Apocalypse used to kill Stryfe at one point. Apocalypse stumbles to his teleportation matrix and disappears. Stryfe then turns to meet the Dark Riders who pledge their allegiance to him.

Cable explains to Wolverine and Bishop that their true enemy is Stryfe. He has Professor show them Stryfe's past, in the distant future, and shows them that he has come back in the past to stop the ascension of the High-Lord. Cable tells that he came back to the past to ensure that the High Lord awakened and brings order to the future nightmare. He also tells that Stryfe wears his face and he does not know why.

Sam watches over Boomer in the medical lab. He makes sure she is okay and then leaves. Havok meets him outside and tells him that he needs to check on his soldiers in the Danger Room as they are becoming restless. Havok then goes to check on Professor X and learns that Hank is going to perform surgery to remove the virus from his head. Sam then heads into the Danger Room. Siryn is angered by Multiple Man's indifference for what she and one of his clones had shared. Rahne apologizes to Sunspot and Rictor for detaining them. Sam then tells the team to remain patient that everything is going to work out.

Stryfe's Secret Base
Stryfe walks down a dark corridor and checks on his prisoners, Cyclops and Jean. He then heads off after seeing that they are still detained. Jean then turns to Cyclops and tells him that it is time for them to leave and they sneak out of their prison and head down the corridor.

The mansion is suddenly attacked and the X-Men race to try to stop the intruder. They are all astonished to learn that it is none other than Apocalypse himself. Archangel quickly attacks and Apocalypse is unfazed by his attempt. He is amazed that Archangel is so fierce now and tells them all that they must team up to fight Stryfe... together.


  • Part 8 of the 12 part X-Cutioner's Song event.
  • The issue came packed in a polybag with a Trading Card:

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