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Quote1 Bingo. Bango. Boongo. The Juggernaut is back! Quote2

Appearing in "The Blood Hunters"

Featured Characters:

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. hovercraft

Synopsis for "The Blood Hunters"

Port Menier, Anticosti Island, Quebec
Weapon X finds his quarry Deadpool. Deadpool has been assigned to obtain some Japanese software while it is en route to a NATO research facility in Manitoba. Weapon X, otherwise known as Kane, monitors the situation and then finally strikes and catches Deadpool off-guard. Tolliver's men escape while the two fight it out. Weapon X gets the upper-hand and Deadpool is cornered. Then, G.W. Bridge appears and wants to get Weapon X to help him bring in Cable for SHIELD. While talking, Deadpool escapes and Kane tells Bridge that he will not help.

Adirondack Mountains
X-Force decides to go through a training run in the woods of their new base. Cable says that he has Feral hiding in the woods and the team has fifteen minutes to find and contain her. They set out and Feral watches from the trees. She then pounces on Cannonball as he flies by. She steers his flying body to ram into Warpath, taking them both out. Boom-Boom uses her new wrist-launchers to surprise Feral and stuns her. Feral recovers and then takes out Boom-Boom and Domino. Shatterstar is finally able to match her ferocity when suddenly Cannonball flies into her to stop her. The team gathers around when suddenly Feral lashes out and slices Cannonball's stomach. Cable knocks out Feral and they all teleport back to their base.

World Trade Center
On the roof of the World Trade Center, Arianna Jankos' scientists finalize building their inter-dimensional teleportation machine. Black Tom has them turn it on while commenting that he has wanted to see his friend's "pug-ugly face" again. The machine stirs to life.

X-Force Adirondack Base
Cannonball lays in the med-lab recovering. Cable and Domino enter and all three discuss that Feral is almost to animalistic for to be contained and to work with the team. Cable continues to try to see what they need to do to deal with her.

World Trade Center
Black Tom waits while the machine continues to whir away. He spouts off that he is ready to finally see his friend again. Then, there is a giant explosion. The dust settles and the Juggernaut is seen and announces he is back and it is ready to kick some butt...

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