Quote1.png The two of you, Samuel. The two sides to the coin which Nathan flipped when he set you on the path of the warrior. Cable's children. Indeed. Quote2.png
-- Professor, referring to Cannonball and Sunspot

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Synopsis for "War Machines"

War Machine confronts X-Force and tells them to surrender. X-Force, doing what they know how, refuses and this leads to a large all out battle. War Machine quickly picks his targets and takes out Sam by dropping the roof on him. Rictor and Sunspot team up and knock War Machine temporarily down. Lila Cheney bolts out as soon as the fighting gets going and Feral runs into a ticked off, Nick Fury. All the damage that is being inflicted on Graymalkin is overriding the security systems and the base begins to lose power and defenses. When the battle gets too destructive, Professor announces to everyone on board that emergency measures are being taken and a destruct sequence has begun.

Camp Verde
Siryn, Boomer and Warpath arrive back from their shopping errand only to find that the rest of the team is nowhere in sight. They search around the camp for them and are met by a giant blast that takes them all out immediately. A figure stands over them and laughs at how easy it was to defeat them and wonders why Gideon was afraid of them all in the first place.

South Stickney, Illinois
Domino and Grizzly arrive at the home of their old teammate, Hammer. His elderly mother greets them and they enter the home. Hammer comes out in an electronic wheelchair and asks why they are there. They say they need his help in finding X-Force. Hammer refuses at first after learning that they have anything to do with Cable. He then eventually agrees when he learns that it will help keep Cable's legacy alive.

The groups attempt to regroup while the ship begins to break up around them. Cannonball takes out Bridge and blames him for the loss of Graymalkin and the last bit of Cable that was left to them all. Professor announces that his self-preservation scan has completed and he teleports both Sunspot and Cannonball to another part of the ship. X-Force and the S.H.I.E.L.D. salvage team group together and Lila warns that they will need to teleport out soon -- with or without Sam and Roberto.

Meanwhile, Sunspot and Cannonball are both brought to the command center of the ship. Professor tells them that they must begin jettisoning portions of the ship out to conserve power to the main core before the destruct sequence runs out. He says that there is only one other than Cable that can turn off the sequence. This person turns out to be Sam.

Vanessa finally leaves her room with her roommate, Tina. They head out for a night on the town together as "twins", since Vanessa has assumed Tina's form. They head to a bar in Boston that turns out to be the famous Cheers. They both order a drink from Sam and drink with the rest of the gang.

New Delhi, India
Deadpool threatens a local at one of Tolliver's old townhouses. He wants to find information on Tolliver's operatives since Tolliver is now dead. He receives the folder with the information and learns that Vanessa is in Massachusetts with her old roommate, Tina. He then says he is going to come hunt them both down.

S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to decide what they will do and if they should leave before the ship breaks apart or if they should try to salvage what they can. They notice X-Force still staying and head over to them. Sam and Roberto continue to jettison portions of the ship to the Earth. They send the weapons depot and the cargo bay to their base in Camp Verde. They then learn that the time displacement core is taking up the largest power and they send it off to the deepest portion of the Pacific Ocean. As soon as they send it off, the Professor announces and alert and the ship explodes.


  • Tina and Vanessa both enter a bar in Boston called Cheers. This is the same bar depicted on the TV show, Cheers.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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