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Synopsis for "Ordnance Weighed in Blood"

Earth Orbit
Graymalkin begins to split apart and burn up on reentry into Earth's atmosphere. A larger piece flies past the SHIELD shuttle that is orbiting nearby. On the shuttle, the SHIELD salvage team along with X-Force and Lila Cheney return from a quick, unexpected jaunt across the universe and have just arrived. Bridge immediately grabs his weapon and tells X-Force to surrender. Lila scoffs and tells him good luck and then teleports X-Force off the shuttle.

Nearby, a piece of Graymalkin hits the atmosphere and contains both Sunspot and Cannonball. They were teleported off Graymalkin into the escape pod by Professor. He tells them that as soon as they hit the ground, he will no longer be able to guide them. They reenter the atmosphere and wings pop out of the pod. They safely begin to glide to Earth.

Oregon Coastline
Boomer, Warpath and Siryn each are secured to a rock cliff near the ocean's water. The water splashes into their fatigued bodies. The person that captured them stands on the rocks and tells them that he is Saul, an External, and that he and Gideon have captured them to watch them die.

Camp Verde
X-Force teleports into the camp. They begin looking for Boomer, Warpath and Siryn, but to no avail. Suddenly, they see a ship entering the atmosphere in flames. They arrive at its landing only to find that inside both Cannonball and Sunspot are alive. Sam immediately tells them that he has to save Professor as he is already beginning to lose power and shutoff. He tries, but fails and Professor is lost to him. Then, the other portions of Graymalkin that they safely jettisoned and sent to Camp Verde begin to fall from the sky.

Department K Bunker
Domino and Grizzly pose as both Val Cooper and General Clarke. They get past the Department K security easily and enter the operations maintenance room. They break in just as their holographic image inducers fail and they quickly get on the computer. They begin to download all the info that Department K has on Cable and they are forced to just download all the information to look at it remotely. They are then confronted by Weapon: P.R.I.M.E..

Tina and Vanessa are hitting the town as "twins". They stop in front of a jewelry store and Vanessa plots to steal the jewels. Deadpool uses this moment to attack and misses. The couple then head off down the street. Just then, a shot rings out and blows a giant hole in Tina's stomach. The shooter is Sluggo and Deadpool arrives only to tell him that he better have gotten the right one or he's dead.

Camp Verde
The team examines all the new equipment that they have salvaged from Graymalkin. Lila looks for Sam before she leaves and finds him on the hillside. He is thinking about how Cable only left them so little though he took so much. She tells him that's all they asked for and she teleports away. Then, a message is heard on their communications array that Saul and Gideon are holding their teammates prisoners and demand that Cannonball give himself to them or their friends die.

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