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Synopsis for "Compromising Positions"

St. Anthony's Hospital, Portland
X-Force gathers at the rear entrance to the hospital. They sneak inside and are looking for a certain individual. Feral sniffs him out and it is a person in a full body cast. They carry him outside and load him on their IPAC unit. After ripping off his facial bandages and revealing it as Crule, they bargain with him that they promise to take care of the Externals for information on where Gideon is located.

Camp Verde
Cannonball makes a late night call to Professor X. He is trying to get information on the Externals. Professor X only knows of them as superstition. Cannonball tells him that they are real and they kidnapped some of the team. He is asking Xavier if he should break his promise he made to not attack Gideon -- to save his friends. Xavier tells him that that is a choice he will have to make and that depending on his decision, Xavier will help him if Cannonball asks for him to.

Department K Bunker
Domino and Grizzly fight off Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. They call Hammer to try to assist from his RV that is sitting outside the bunker. He tells them that there is an air conditioning vent topside and it should lead them out of the complex. They head upstairs through the floor and learn that the vent is really a sewage tunnel. After treading through the sewer, they arrive outside the RV. They jump inside and the speed off. Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. vows to hunt them down.

Saul's Oregon Home
Saul and Gideon discuss the legacy of the Externals. They are concerned what will become of them now that Nicodemus died unexpectedly and was believed to be an immortal External. They pride themselves on their plan to use some of the X-Force members to bait Sam into coming to them.

Meanwhile, the other X-Force members fly toward Oregon to confront Saul and Gideon. They plan their attack and Crule and Shatterstar agree that they should come in fast and hard through the front door. After debating, they decide to do just that and land their ship. They pile into their assault tank and use it to crash through the front doors as planned. They knock Gideon and Saul off their feet by the attack and X-Force quickly surround them.

Norwell, Massachusetts
Vanessa quickly packs her bags with as much stuff as she can. Then, Deadpool and Sluggo arrive and threaten her. She begs Deadpool not to kill her and he says that he has to have a talk with her before he kills her. Suddenly, both Sluggo and Deadpool are blasted and Domino enters along with Grizzly and Hammer. Domino asks why she should not kill Vanessa for stealing her identity for the past year. Vanessa tells her that she knows where X-Force is located.

Saul's Oregon Home
X-Force saves their teammates from Gideon and Saul. After making sure they are all right, Sunspot tells their captors that they have beaten and they should leave them alone. Gideon is amazed that Cannonball broke his promise. Sunspot then gives him a letter from Sam telling Gideon that he did not break his promise because he did not personally get in the External's matters, the rest of X-Force did. Saul then pleads that Sam is the External's last hope for salvation from the possible death of the Externals. Saul is reassured that if the Externals mess with X-Force again, that their fate will be sealed.

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