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Quote1 They hate us... So that makes it much easier for us ta hate THEM, doesn't it? Quote2

Appearing in "Prisoners of Fate"

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Synopsis for "Prisoners of Fate"

Route 206, New Jersey
A woman jumps out in front of a transport manned by government Vault personnel and asks for their help. They slam on their brakes and ask her how they can assist. She responds by blasting an electromagnetic pulse scrambler that screws up the guards' armor. Then a group of men begin blasting the transport and attempt to break into it. They take out the rest of the guards and find both Rusty and Skids inside. The group announces themselves as members of the Friends of Humanity and capture them to make them pay for their crimes against humanity.

Camp Verde
X-Force, fresh from their fight with Gideon and Saul, touches down in the camp and is greeted by Cannonball. He immediately tells them to clean up and suit up to ship out again. He tells them they are to rescue Rusty and Skids and that the command came from Xavier himself. He then asks what happened to Crule and the group tells him that they dropped him in the Pacific Ocean.

Professor X speaks to Val Cooper, via a video conference. She chides him for his lack of responsibility in letting X-Force go from the mansion when they were requested to be held. He tells her there are more pressing matters, such as the new developments by the Friends of Humanity and their kidnapping of Rusty and Skids. She tells him that X-Factor assistance is out of the question and that she already has a mole in the group. He tells her that X-Force seems to be their only hope.

Norwell, Massachusetts
Domino, Grizzly and Hammer question Vanessa about where X-Force is located. Domino continues to be upset that Vanessa is helping them at all since she destroyed Domino's life for more than a year while Tolliver held her prisoner and Vanessa posed as her. She grabs a gun and shoots Sluggo and Deadpool in the back again and then they all head off to find X-Force.

Earth Orbit
A shadowed being raises his hand and magnetic fields stream from his fingers. He continues to do this until finally there is a giant explosion and then suddenly a portion of Graymalkin appears from nowhere. He smiles slyly as he has found his new home in space.

X-Force IPAC Unit
X-Force flies to Plum Island to rescue Rusty and Skids. They watch news reports on the way there featuring Trish Tilby's take on the recent actions of the Friends of Humanity. They soon arrive at their destination and head out. They come across the safehouse for the FOH group. The team splits in two to make a reconnaissance of the house. They then break in and easily take out the FOH guards and rescue Rusty and Skids, almost without a fight.

The team learns that Rusty and Skids were definitely brainwashed by Stryfe as they argue their own rescue and state that Stryfe will return and cleanse the world in fire. Cannonball finds an FOH pamphlet and learns that the group is worse than he thought. They then leave with their rescued friends on board.


  • In th editorial notes in this issue, it lists that Rusty and Skids were captured in X-Factor #89. This is incorrect and the correct issue is X-Men (Vol. 2) #15.

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  1. Cable doesn't actually appear in the story, only in the last panel as a flash forward to the next issue