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Quote1.png I am the storm on the horizon. I am the sweltering tempest waiting to erupt. I am Reignfire... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Shadows on the Rock"

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Synopsis for "Shadows on the Rock"

Camp Verde
X-Force waits diligently for Cable to recover from his wounds that Magneto gave to him a week ago. Each of them worries for him and gives their thanks in various ways. Feral becomes a little too complacent and begins making jokes. The team gets angry and then they hear Cable suddenly talk and make fun of himself in his current state.

Three days later, Cable is walking around camp and Cannonball meets him on the hillside. Sam asks if he and Bobby along with all the other members of the team can head to head off to tell Xi'an in Madripoor about Illyana's death. Cable tells him that only Bobby and him should go, but Sam tells him he disagrees and he gets a plane prepped for them all.

Sam heads off to get ready with Bobby and Boomer makes fun of Bobby's outfit. She then tells Sam that she is not going and shares a moment with Sam before he leaves. Rictor then notices that Boomer used to have feelings for him like that as well. He kisses her and she tells him that she now loves Sam.

Shatterstar works out outside and is confronted by a drunk Siryn. She tries to get him to loosen up with a few drinks and he tells her no. She doesn't understand and turns to meet Cable. She kisses him and then falls on her butt, completely drunk. Warpath helps pick her up and carry her inside to bed.

Later, Shatterstar heads inside the bunker and begins flipping channels very quickly on the television that Rictor was watching. Rictor gets very upset and storms out. Cable tries to stop him and Rictor tells him that he does not forgive him still for what he believes he did to his father. Cable then heads into the bunker and fixes the TV for Shatterstar to automatically change the channel every three seconds. Shatterstar thanks him.

Whitman Maximum Security Prison
The guards hear thunder above them in the sky and suddenly it begins to rain. Their problem is that the rain is beginning to melt through their suits. They realize that they are under attack and an alarm goes off in the prison. Inside, the old MLF team is being held. Then, the cell door melts off along with their chains. A being, named Reignfire, enters the building and tells them that they will be a part of his new MLF team. He then tells them their first mission will be to kill Henry Peter Gyrich.

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