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Synopsis for "Liberation Through Subjugation"

Henry Gyrich's Home
The new MLF goes out on its first mission. The mission is to capture Henry Peter Gyrich. They enter the grounds of his home and take out a few guards. Gyrich is inside watching the battle unfold. He sends out his bio-sentient warrior, Hardaway. The MLF call in reinforcements, Moonstar and Locus, that quickly take him out. Locus goes as far as to teleport part of his body away. She then teleports Gyrich outside and they all head off to their base with Gyrich in tow.

Camp Verde
Cable and X-Force watch their live video feed into the Commission on Super Human Activities. They see Val Cooper talking to Nick Fury, Forge and Professor X. They are trying to come up with a way to get Gyrich back while politically keeping their noses clean. Professor X tells that the X-Men are still in Genosha. X-Factor cannot without politically saying it is okay. X-Force listens and learns that it is up to them to rescue Gyrich.

Bermuda Triangle Base
Tempo is close to leaving the team. Moonstar heads out to try to bring her back into the fold. Reignfire explains his actions to Gyrich and tells him that his Project: Wideawake is a type of genocide. Outside, X-Force has arrived and plans their attack on the base. They then head in with guns blazing.

Cannonball is the first to enter and he is taken out by an energy blast to the head. The team rushes to his aid and learn that their attacker is none other than Danielle Moonstar. Warpath takes out Forearm, while Shatterstar is about to kill Reaper. Wildside then tries to use an unconscious Siryn to help out his teammate.

Cable and Feral find Gyrich. They are about to free him when they are hit from behind by Reignfire. Reignfire tells Cable that X-Force is pretty much the same as his team. He offers Cable the options of joining his team or dying without a shred of honor.


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