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Quote1.png There's a difference between walking a road and rolling a tank over it! I am trying to teach these kids to be willing to use their powers to fight for what's right -- not just think that because of their powers they have the right to fight! It's something would-be demagogues like you never seem to be able to figure out! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Axe Falls"

Bermuda Triangle Base
Reignfire continues to attack Cable. Cable finally sends him flying over a ledge. Feral and Gyrich are sneaking around below and as the body falls near them, Gyrich calls out to Feral to protect her. Feral lashes out at him and continues to wonder why she is having to save someone who hates mutants so much.

Shatterstar is still dealing with his dilemma of saving Siryn or killing Reaper. He throws his sword into the ground to show he surrenders. Wildside picks up his sword and begins to yell out how the MLF has won. Then a humming noise grows louder and then suddenly Shatterstar's sword shoots a beam of energy that kills Reaper anyhow. Warpath then throws the body of Forearm through the wall.

Sunspot continues to hold the unconscious body of Cannonball and wonders how Moonstar can be anyone other than Danielle, their former teammate. Locus shows up behind him and Moonstar tells her not to harm him and shoots an arrow at her. Sunspot pulls himself into the arrows' path and they all disappear.

Feral and Gyrich begin their way toward the IPAC unit. Gyrich asks her why she is helping him if she hates him so much. She is not positive and he begins then to push her buttons and state how X-Force is not much different than the MLF. She jumps at him and Tempo saves him. Everyone's fight begins to fall over into the outside and Reignfire and Cable come crashing through. Reignfire offers Cable one more chance to join the MLF. Cable refuses and Terry knocks him into a wall.

He then asks Terry to clear out a path through the forest. She does and they see the others fighting. Reignfire returns and hits Tempo since she is now a traitor to his cause. He then offers Feral a chance at joining the MLF if she only kills Gyrich. She gladly jumps at him and Cable knocks her out. The MLF start to regroup around Reignfire and as Locus is about to teleport away, Sunspot uses his powers to rocket himself up to them in the air. He knocks Gyrich free and then the MLF teleports out with Bobby. Gyrich is left with X-Force. Gyrich states that he has seen why mutants are so bad anyhow and Cable knocks him out after they just saved him.

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