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Synopsis for "Toy Soldiers"

Phoenix, Arizona
Shatterstar and Rictor head into Phoenix to gather supplies. Rictor decides to allow Shatterstar to head off on his own while in town. He feels he will regret it, but still allows him to go out alone. Another figure watches the interaction from a computer room and it turns out to be Arcade. He tells Ms. Locke to get things ready and he moves in to capture Shatterstar.

Camp Verde
Cannonball and Boomer are heading to Kentucky for a vacation. Tabitha is a little nervous about meeting Sam's family, but is still willing to go. Cable fixes the IPAC unit and sees the two of them off. Cable goes walking through the camp and find Tempo sitting alone. He asks her what her decision is on staying with them or leaving. She tells him she does not know and flies off.

Inside the bunker, Siryn watches video of their battle with the MLF and the disappearance of Sunspot. Siryn seems to blame herself for his disappearance and drinks herself into a stupor. Warpath enters the room and tells her it is not her fault and he reveals his feelings towards her. She goes storming off, past Cable. Cable walks inside and contacts Domino by video for help.

Shatterstar awakens to Cadre Alliance soldiers. He quickly takes them out and Arcade begins taunting him over the intercom. He explains that Shatterstar has been captured and must play his game. He fights the Cadre Alliance members to save the lives of a human family. He takes out the soldiers one by one. He finally gets to a point where the soldiers are beaten and the family is set free.

Arcade then reveals Shatterstar's original outfit. He tells Shatterstar that he was hired by Major Domo to initiate that game, but he was also hired by another person to test someone else. Arcade decided it would be easier to "kill two birds with one stone" if he set them up to fight each other to the death. The person he has to fight turns out to be X-Treme.

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