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Quote1.png Tis about time, it is, then... I was beginnin' t'wonder when y'r actions would match y'r reputation! Sorry t'say f'r you , boyo -- my actions speak louder than y'r words! Quote2.png
Black Tom Cassidy

Appearing in "Battle Cry"

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  • X-Force Scout Ship

Synopsis for "Battle Cry"

World Trade Center
Day three of the Jankos hostage situation and Siryn arrives on the roof, only to find the Juggernaut ready for a fight. Siryn attempts to attack and the Juggernaut basically knocks her off the roof. She flies to safety and is greeted by X-Force as they arrive. Cable offers X-Force's help and then the fight really begins.

Warpath leaps from the ship to hit the Juggernaut but instead they both fall over the edge toward the street below. The remaining members take out the guards on the roof. They then start their descent into the floors below.

Meanwhile, Black Tom goads both Gideon and Sunspot into fighting him. Gideon strikes first and is quickly taken out. Sunspot then steps in and while making a dent in the action, he is then beat when Black Tom uses his cane on him. The rest of X-Force enters and meets Black Tom. They prepare to fight him when he reveals that he has packed the building with plastique.

On the ground, Warpath and Juggernaut continue to battle in the streets. Spider-Man then appears and surveys the scene. He decides that he is probably better off letting Warpath fight Juggernaut alone since he is distracting him. He then starts to make his way up to the top of the World Trade Center when there is a giant explosion in the side of one of the towers...


  • This story leads into the Spider-Man crossover storyline, Sabotage.

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