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Quote1.png To save mankind, Nimrod must destroy mutantkind! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Beg Tomorrow"

Hannigan Electronics
Domino and Shatterstar enter the Hannigan Electronics research lab. Domino has received information of an intellect chip being designed there that is years ahead of its time and allows for a self-aware sentience. They come across the body of Martin Strong who is regenerating himself in a tank. They are then greeted by Dr. Crispin who explains her work and is coerced into giving them the chip.

Memphis, Tennessee
Warpath and Rictor stake out the home of Dr. Suntas. They follow him as he drives off and Rictor uses his power to secretly blow out one of his tires. They stop to help him with a spare and take pictures of the contents of his briefcase to gather intelligence.

Washington, D.C.
Cable meets with Forge in D.C. He tells him that he needs his help with gathering information on a new system built to make self-aware robots. He shows Forge the intelligence and chip he has gathered and Forge is amazed by the advanced technology. He warns that the technology is not available in this time and it must be from the future.

Massachusetts Academy
Siryn meets with Banshee at the Massachusetts Academy. She tells him she needs information that the X-Men have. Banshee surprises her by asking her about the information her and Warpath stole from the X-Men a while ago and she says that it was not on the disc. She then asks what he knows about Nimrod.

Guthrie Family Farm
Sam and Paige discuss her future plans. He tells her that he does not think she is ready to take on the responsibility of her powers and he cannot show her. She tells him she is going to go to Xavier's and he says that there is no longer a school. She tells him she is going anyway.

Camp Verde
X-Force devises a plan of attack on Camp Hayden and discuss what they have learned about Nimrod. They learned that the Tomorrow Agenda team has come up with advanced technology and are preparing to build a Nimrod. He tells them that they must get that research and destroy it before it is allowed to be used in this time.

Camp Hayden
X-Force storms into Camp Hayden. They are surprised at how easy it is to access. Suddenly, their plan does not work out and they are ambushed. The researchers are hurt in the attack and they cannot believe that their research began to build itself the moment that X-Force attacked. Nimrod shows itself and determines that the only way to save mankind is to kill mutantkind.


  • Although this is a new prototype version of Nimrod, the neural network is from the original Earth-811 version.

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