Quote1.png Humans deserve the chance to protect ourselves from evil mutants, and mutants deserve the chance to defend themselves against that fear gone mad. Quote2.png
-- Dr. Valerie Hawkins-Mailer

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Synopsis for "Genocidal Tendencies"

Camp Hayden
Domino and Cable continue to battle the newly built and out-of-time robot, Nimrod. They are barely being able to retaliate by just themselves. Dr. Hawkins-Mailer cannot believe what she is seeing happen from the robotic intelligence that she helped to create. She tries to stand up to Nimrod and logically tell him that he is not supposed to be doing any of this because of his programming. Nimrod simply tells her that he overrode his programming to be able to accomplish his programming goals.

Nimrod then fires off weapons he calls Miads. Again, the doctor is surprised that he has developed weapons that the scientists never built into him. Cable is taken down by these weapons and Domino does a good job of maneuvering around Nimrod's attacks. He eventually stops her and Cable uses his telekinesis to help fight back. Shatterstar then recovers and joins in the fight. He and Domino fight together and do a good bit of damage to Nimrod, but he begins to build himself back. Siryn does a high-pitched yell and this buys them enough time to regroup.

Cable decides to merge his T-O virus with the computer system to give it a linked sentience and then use his telepathic powers to bring himself and the doctors to the astral plane where Nimrod's mind is located. In the astral plane, Cable looses control over his virus and it begins to rip apart his arm. Doctor Hawkins-Mailer begins to reason with Nimrod and asks him what the casualty levels would be like if a Nimrod being had existed sixty years ahead of its time. Nimrod begins to run the data and determines that the levels of human deaths would be too great.

Because of this, it determines that the only course of action to save the human race would to be inert until the given time and it turns itself off. X-Force is surprised that the robot suddenly stopped fighting. Cable and the doctors then appear and tell the group what has happened. Dr. Mailer tells Cable that they will keep the robot for parts and to determine what happened and she would give X-Force the Nimrod neural network.

Guthrie Farmhouse
Cannonball and Boomer have a breakfast with the Guthrie clan. Paige and Sam are back home after their fight with the Gamesmaster. Outside, a limo pulls up and a group of Externals exits the vehicle. They then yell at the group inside to not be alarmed but they are the Externals and to send out Samuel Guthrie.

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