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Quote1.png Even though I was blind to it for so long, Prosh -- you were, and always have been... the best friend I ever had. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Letting Go"

Camp Verde
Domino chases after a robotic intruder. She finally catches up to it and finds that it seems to know her. It tells her that it is the corporeal form of the Professor and though she does not recognize the body, she probably will the voice. She is stunned by this revelation. He then tells her that his power is draining out and as he tells her, it does.

He awakens in the generator room of the base. All of X-Force is surrounding him and wonders how he is doing this. He says that rather than tell them he will show them and turns on the security cameras of the base. He shows that a Phalanx subversive entered the base, looking to assimilate the team. Instead it entered the neural network of the base and was zapped. The Professor then entered the shell that the Phalanx left and he took it over.

Cable tells him that he is happy for the newly dubbed, Prosh. Some others on the team though are reluctant to be so happy. Shatterstar then tells the group that the energy readings that have been shown while Prosh was hooked up to it show nominal changes. He does not know how this is possible and is concerned that Prosh is somehow tricking their system.

The team then takes some time off and plays a little football. Prosh even joins in and plays for the skins team. Meanwhile, Cable hides in a cave trying to determine what is causing his T-O mesh to go crazy the past 24 hours. He is worried that it is also somehow connected to the arrival of Prosh.

Over the next couple days, Prosh changes the X-Force IPAC unit into a more efficient, yet odd-looking vehicle. Shatterstar is still worried that they are running out of resources due to the power constraints caused on the base by Prosh. He tries to voice this concern to Rictor.

Cable then decides that he is being affected by Prosh and that the only logical way to deal with it is for Prosh to leave. He tells him that he will miss him, but that he can keep the body but he must go. Prosh is upset but is happy to know that he will be able to have his own body and be back in space. The team says their goodbyes and he thanks them. Then he attaches himself to the X-Force IPAC and blasts the ship into space. X-Force then leave Camp Verde and looks for their new base.

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