We're still underground, but at least now we're air-conditioned and out of that bloody Arizona heat!
Conversation Tail
Gaveedra Seven (Mojoverse) from X-Factor Vol 3 43 001
Was our previous home considered hot by Earth standards? Humph
Conversation Tail
Julio Richter (Earth-616) from X-Factor Vol 1 250 cover
Dom, keep talking, quick! Before Shatty starts tellin' us another story about how rough it was on his homeworld!
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Synopsis for "Holding On"

Morlock Tunnels
A group of special "Code: Blue" policemen enter the Morlock Tunnels. They travel both armed and alongside Detective Hidalgo. They are looking for Lucia Callasantos, now known as Thornn. She is implicated in the murders of her family years ago and is being brought in finally for those crimes. She finds the group and is tranquilized and taken to the precinct.

X-Force learns about their new headquarters. It is none other than the old base of Arcade's called, Murderworld. They are all amazed as well as surprised at their surroundings. They are busy searching the place and learning of all of the hidden secrets and resources. They intend though to make it their new home.

The Friends of Humanity have gathered around the new suspected killer and mutant being held inside the police precinct. As they protest outside, Lucia is being interrogated by Hidalgo inside. He wonders how she could have done this. She tells him she did not and is was her sister. The news announces her as a suspect in the murders. X-Force learns of this and Cable decides to help Thornn out.

Cable and Sam arrive in the South Bronx. They are going to meet with their new client, Lucia. Cable meets with Hidalgo and promises that he will get to the bottom of the murders. Later, they try to move Thornn to a new location for her trial and the guards turn out to be bought off Friends of Humanity members. X-Force tails the van and then forces it off the road. They rescue both Hidalgo and Thornn from an ambush. Then, they take Thornn to her home in the Bronx. She is scared and her sister Feral appears and threatens to fight them all if they want to get at the truth about the murders.


  • This is the first X-Force issue to use the "Deluxe Edition"/"Newsstand Edition" formats. The Deluxe edition was printed on glossy paper and was priced at $1.95. The newsstand edition was printed on newsprint and priced at $1.50.

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