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Quote1.png And you still are. Terrified. Knowing that could have been you. Every day spent fighting this ugly war could be your last. And you get by, convinced that you're just a heartbeat away from love and life. When the sad reality you refuse to admit -- is that you're much closer to being a simple heartbeat away... from misery and death. Quote2.png
Emma Frost

Appearing in "A Lie of the Mind"

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Synopsis for "A Lie of the Mind"

Massachusetts Academy
Emma Frost has James Proudstar recount all the issues in his past. He and some of his X-Force teammates have travelled to see Emma Frost to find out if she was the one who killed his tribe. He recalls his brother's burial and the revelation of his tribe's death. Emma tries to find out what is making him so angry.

Siryn meets with her father. He asks her about her relationship to Warpath and she tells him that they are just friends. He tells her that he does not seem to feel the same way. She then asks him about spending time away from Moira while he works with Emma Frost.

Paige and Cannonball also meet. He asks her why she chose to come to the Massachusetts Academy to be taught by Emma Frost, one of his old enemies. She tells him not to worry about her and that she does not have to follow in his footsteps. While they are arguing, Generation X and Boomer enter the room and ask if they would like to join them on a trip to the mall. Paige and Cannonball decide that maybe they should let off a little steam.

Verschlagen Research Facility
A masked figure is running from the guards at the Verschlagen facility. The guards ask him to stop, but he turns and the guards open fire. They remove the mask and learn that they have killed the husband of Frau Verschlagen. They apologize to her and she tells them he must have thought their son Asahi was being held there and to prepare for the arrival of the Clan Yashida.

Massachusetts Academy
Emma Frost continues to probe into the worries of Warpath. She can tell he is unhappy and he is hiding his reasons for being upset. He tries to retaliate at her by telling her that she is upset about the death of the Hellions and that the new Generation X team is a way for her to cover up her own feelings. He then walks out of the room and slams the door. He joins the others outside and they all agree to blow off some steam by going to the mall. Emma Frost watches as they leave from the window.

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