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Professor X

Appearing in "... Already In Progress..."

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  • Dr. Weisman (First appearance)
  • Unnamed Weisman Institute nurses

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Synopsis for "... Already In Progress..."

X-Force waits outside the doors to Professor X's office. They are trying to overhear what he and Cable are talking about. They think that it has to do with the status of the team and they even talk of a possible disbanding of X-Force. Domino catches them all eavesdropping and she tells them to not worry about things and to leave the door.

X-Force goes outside and Bobby meets them there. He tells them that he is going to put the Reignfire stuff behind him and deal with his newfound powers. He then flies off to soak up some rays. Inside, Warpath talks to Banshee about Siryn. He says that he has not seen her in some time and that he does not know where she is at. Boomer and Shatterstar check out the Danger Room. They are surprised though to find that it is preoccupied by Sabretooth sunning himself.

Cannonball goes to the hangar and runs into Cyclops. He tells him not to worry about the decisions that Cable and Professor X are discussing. He tells him that things usually work out for the best. Boomer and Shatterstar watch Sabretooth as he notices them in the control booth. He then jumps up and tries to attack them. Sam walks in and yells at them to stop. Cable then telepathically alerts the team to join him.

They all meet in Professor X's office. Cable tells them that their team will be changing. He will still be in charge of it, but it will be based out of the mansion. He also gives them all-new outfits. Sam wonders why he did not receive a new outfit. Cable tells him this is because he is no longer on X-Force. Sam begins to get upset but then is stunned when they tell him that he has graduated and is now an X-Man. He then tells them that they will be changing several things and that he will be telepathically helping them as well. Rictor is not thrilled by this idea and he starts to walk out. He tells Shatterstar that he has to take some time off.

Cannonball is later met by Boomer in the hallway. She asks him how his team change will affect their relationship. Sam tells her not to worry and that it will make their love even stronger. They then embrace and kiss each other. Sam is then radioed to meet with the X-Men on the Blackbird.

Weisman Institute
An ambulance pulls up to the Weisman Institute. The nurses get out and run to get their passenger out of the back. The passenger turns out to be none other than Siryn. Doctor Weisman appears and tells them to take her to her room safely. It is then seen that the Weisman Institute is a hospital for the criminally insane.


  • The issue is narrated by Sam in a letter to his mother.

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