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Synopsis for "Under One Roof"

Boomer wakes up late and heads into the mansion's kitchen. She plans to get some milk to take it to Sabretooth who is staying locked up in the Danger Room. She heads there and finds that the control room has been destroyed and Caliban is attacking Sabretooth inside the Danger Room. She looks to try to find a way in and cannot. She even tries to blast a hole in the window and it does not work. Cable then appears and tells her that maybe they need to fight it out as Caliban will just try it again if they stop him. He changes the room's setting to be the Morlock tunnels. This confuses Caliban enough for Cable to step inside and tell Caliban to finally stop. He then warns Boomer to stop bringing milk to Sabretooth.

The next day, Cable walks with Professor X outside. They are monitoring the powers of Sunspot as he continues to grow stronger. Professor X is worried about him, but Cable tells him he has it under control. Inside, Caliban and Warpath spar. Xavier then asks Cable if he is comfortable with using his telepathy on his students. Cable tells him he is fine with doing this.

Beast is running diagnostics on Shatterstar in the medical lab. He is concerned that he does not know enough about Shatterstar's physiology. Cable enters and asks if Shatterstar is battle-ready. Beast tells him he needs more time with him. Boomer then meets with Cable and asks if she can have a sick day from the team. He agrees and the rest of X-Force heads off on a secret mission to Russia. Boomer meets with Sam who tries not to blow her off, but is being pulled to work by the X-Men and he does not have time for a day off.

In Siberia, the PACRAT flies toward a communications array. Cable briefs the team that they are here to check on the workers since they had lost contact with them a while ago. They fly over the site which looks like a huge bomb has been detonated upon. They land and find a survivor who warns that they trusted Professor X and that was what got them into this mess. Suddenly, the Mimic appears and warns that he is the one to blame and wonders why they wouldn't just leave him alone.

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