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Synopsis for "Behind Closed Doors"

Weisman Institute
Siryn runs through some of the computer records of the patients at the institute. She comes across a file for Gamesmaster and Benjamin Russell. Suddenly, Dr. Weisman enters and Siryn tries to hide but fails. Dr. Weisman tells the nurses to take Siryn to her room and she captures and drugs her.

The Mimic fights X-Force. He knocks down Cable with a telepathic shot. Caliban is taken down by his optic blasts. Warpath seems to overload his system a little but is brought down and hit through the team's ship. Mimic goes back to Cable to try to find out why they attacked the station as well as him. Sunspot sees him going for Cable and thinks he can take on Mimic by himself.

Boomer again goes against Cable's command not to take milk to Sabretooth. She enters the Danger Room and drops off some milk. He purrs at her and she gets creeped out and leaves. As she walks out, he seems to begin to remember his name.

Sunspot continues to fight the Mimic alone. Cable shouts at him to stop fighting. Sunspot ignores him and does not realize that the Mimic is overloading his own system because he is mimicking Sunspot's powers. They suddenly explode and fall to the ground.

Boomer awakens in her room during a storm. She feels that someone is in her room. It turns out that Wolverine is sitting near her and smells Sabretooth's scent on her. He warns her that she needs to stop going in to see him. He also tells her that he will eventually take care of Sabretooth once and for all even if she is in the way. He then leaves.

The Mimic has disappeared and Cable chastises Sunspot for disobeying him on the battlefield. Caliban tells them that he can track Mimic. They follow the track to the giant crater near the station. Caliban says the trail has stopped cold and Cable says someone must have taken out the Mimic near the crater.

Weisman Institute
Siryn paces in her room as she tries to walk off the drugs that she has been given. She rigs a radio to communicate back to Cable. She tries several times to call out and no answer. There is someone secretly watching her from another room. She finally decides to call Deadpool and ask him for help.

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