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Appearing in "Breakout"

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Synopsis for "Breakout"

Weisman Institute
Siryn sleeps and a figure dressed as a doctor holds a scalpel over her and sings a tune. He bends down to use the scalpel on her and she wakes up and kicks him. The figure removes his smock and it turns out to be Deadpool. They storm out of the room and look to escape. Someone secretly is watching them from another room.

X-Force returns from Siberia in their PACRAT. The ship was damaged during their fight with the Mimic and they are flying in with Sunspot holding onto one of the wings to guide it and Caliban holding the ship together inside. Cable tells Sunspot to fly down and create a vortex cushion for them to fall into and it works. They safely land at the mansion.

Weisman Institute
Siryn and Deadpool fight their way through all the nurses and lead on to Dr. Weisman's office. Siryn grabs the doctor and demands to know why she has gone against Xavier after all these years. She argues and then suddenly changes her tune. She warns that she had no idea what she was doing. Then, Gamesmaster busts down the wall and knocks out Deadpool. He reveals that he has been controlling Dr. Weisman all along.

The X-Force members go to the medical lab to check on Shatterstar who has been in the lab for too long after his recent injuries. They are met by Beast. Boomer calls her dead-beat dad in Pennsylvania but then hangs up on him when he answers the phone thinking it is someone else he knows. Siryn shows up and quickly says hello to Warpath but then continues on to talk to Cable.

She storms into Professor X's office and tells Cable and Xavier that she is safe and there is nothing wrong happening at the Weisman Institute. Cable steps outside and finds Sunspot arguing with himself over his performance in battle with the Mimic. Cable tells him he did alright. When he turns to leave, Sunspot tells him goodbye in Askani. When Cable asks him about it, Sunspot says he said goodbye in English.

In the Danger Room, Boomer meets with Sabretooth again. He tells her he enjoys the milk she brings. She is angry that he lied to her, that he could speak this whole time. He then asks her to take him outside. She refuses and he tries to be nice to her about it. She finally goes into the control booth and turns the Danger Room into the front lawn of the mansion. They walk through the lawn together and Sabretooth suddenly sees Wolverine hiding in the shadows.

Weisman Institute
Deadpool is bound and gagged on a gurney. Dr. Weisman seems to again be under the control of Gamesmaster and tells him that she thinks Deadpool really is insane. He tells her that Deadpool is another player in his game. Jeremy's shadow is then shown to be the Gamesmaster.

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