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Quote1.png Fine, then. Since you all seem to know what's best for me. Maybe I don't belong on this team anymore. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Intervention"

Boomer heads to the mansion's kitchen in the middle of the night. She is again going to get milk for Sabretooth. She turns on the lights to the kitchen and is greeted by her teammates. She is surprised, but they tell her they are doing an intervention on her for her behavior with Sabretooth.

The team tells her she is putting her life, as well as their own, at stake if he gets loose or kills her. They are not able to sit by while she does not at least see the consequences of her actions. Caliban goes first and tells her of Sabretooth's past slaughter of the Morlocks as well as human children. She tries to use the excuse that he was once a killer in Apocalypse's Horsemen.

Then she confronts Bobby with his Reignfire personality. Cannonball steps in and tries to defend Bobby in that he was possessed by something evil, but was good to begin with and Sabretooth was just evil all the time. Boomer continues to use excuse after excuse for her to continue to be able to risk her life trying to help Sabretooth. Professor X then asks Siryn if she needs help in dealing with Tabitha and she tells him that they will continue to try on their own.

The South Seas
Holocaust is killing all the inhabitants of a remote island in the South Seas. He is confronted by Sebastian Shaw. When Holocaust tries to sap his life force, Shaw re-channels the energy and uses it against Holocaust. He then tries to bargain with Holocaust to help him and they would mutually benefit from their partnership.

The team continues to try to help Tabitha. She finally gets to a breaking point and begins to tell them all that they are forcing her to leave the team. Professor X steps in and tells her that that would be a bad idea. He tells her that he has his own personal responsibility for the evil people he has tried to reform and it did not work, but he feels that she should also not continue to see Sabretooth. She finally agrees.

Later, Boomer heads to the Danger Room. She tries to access the program but has been locked out. She then yells through the window to him, saying goodbye and trying to learn if anything she did for him helped him. He does not respond, but instead snarls as he hides in the back finally remembering what happened and who he is.

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