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Quote1.png What is mine... is mine. And what is theirs... is mine. Quote2.png
Sebastian Shaw

Appearing in "Target: X-Force"

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Synopsis for "Target: X-Force"

Shaw Industries
Sebastian Shaw revels in his latest feat. He has harnessed the power of Holocaust into an armored form and plans to use his powers for his own personal gain. He talks with Lady Tessa and Holocaust about his plans. Holocaust checks his new armor's weapons by discharging them at one of Shaw's guards and kills him instantly. Shaw tries to stop Holocaust from further damage, when Holocaust suddenly turns on Shaw. Tessa is able to telepathically calm him down and they continue their discussions.

Jonestown, Pennsylvania
Boomer decides to drive to see her father after many years. She drives into town debating on whether she should stop to see him or not. She finally finds him outside his trailer. He is busy working on his truck but is surprised to hear her say, "Hello Daddy..."

Morlock Tunnels
Caliban and Sunspot search the tunnels together. While walking through the sludge, Caliban suddenly senses a mutant in the tunnels and takes off towards it. Sunspot tries to keep up but falls behind and loses him. He finally enters one chamber and finds an unconscious Caliban in the arms of Holocaust. Sunspot tries to fire upon him and Holocaust laughs as Holocaust tells him that his powers are to feed on the life essence of others. A shot echoes through the tunnels...

Theresa and James walk through the streets of New York. They come across a store that Terry must go shopping in. Warpath goes in after her and waits while she shops. He hears her call out to him for help and he races to find out what is wrong. Sebastian Shaw confronts him and takes him out.

Lower Manhattan
Shatterstar goes out to one of the local clubs. A woman tries to get him to enter and he keeps walking. He finally comes across a gang beating up a young mutant in an alley. He decides to take on the gang and after saving the mutant, they both barely turn to confront a worse enemy...

Jonestown, Pennsylvania
Boomer catches up with her father. He tells her that he never hated her for being a mutant. He also reveals to her that her mother never died as she always thought, but is alive and living a life free of them both. Then there's a knock at the door. Boomer goes to answer it and finds Sebastian Shaw and Holocaust. She has enough time to yell at her dad to get on the ground when Holocaust destroys the entire trailer with one shot. Holocaust picks up the unconscious Boomer and both the attackers head back with their spoils.

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