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Quote1 Do you hear me, you soft, pink bags or rice paper flesh? Sauron is back! Quote2

Appearing in "Under the Magnifying Glass"

Featured Characters:

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  • X-Force Scout Ship (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Under the Magnifying Glass"

Somewhere in Europe
Deadpool teleports into Tolliver's lair. He tows the bodies of Juggernaut and Black Tom to give to Tolliver. He offers them to Tolliver and Juggernaut wakes up. Juggernaut thanks Tolliver for saving his butt but is more concerned with the health of his partner in crime. Tolliver says he will take Black Tom to a doctor and that after he is healed, they both will pay him back for his services rendered.

Dr. Karl Lykos walks home with groceries in hand. As he opens his door, he is greeted by the Toad and the Blob. They have captured Karl's girlfriend, Tanya Anderssen and threaten to harm her. Toad wants to use Karl to bring out Sauron. He plans to have Sauron join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

X-Force's Adirondack base
X-Force is gathered in a large media room watching news coverage of the World Trade Center attacks.[1] On the report, Gideon blasts the team as being behind the hostage situation. As the team tries to figure out what to do, tensions in the team rise.

Warpath runs through the woods and thinks of past Apache tribesmen that have helped the Apache cause. He feels at peace with his ancestry. In the base's Danger Room, Shatterstar trains. His training session is interrupted by Feral who flirts with him and then leaves. Siryn watches their interaction from the control room above. She is greeted by Cable who offers her an official spot on the team. She accepts and understands that there will be difficult times ahead.

Washington, D.C.
Henry Peter Gyrich, Valerie Cooper and Nick Fury attend a meeting by G.W. Bridge. He explains that Cable and his team are a threat to National Security as well as the public at large. He is requesting to be given sanction to bring Cable in. Gyrich feels that he is not up to the job, but the others welcome his decision.

The Brotherhood of Mutants has chained up both Tanya and Karl in what the Toad calls a Genetic template reconfigurator. He explains that he knows of Karl's ability to take on the Sauron persona if he drains the life essence of someone. The Toad states that this is what Tanya is there for. Suddenly he throws the switch and the machine whirs to life. Karl screams and then rises up as Sauron, while Tanya is seen dying...


  • According to X-Force #7 fan mail section, this issue is post-credited as being penciled by Marat Mychaels, Brian Murray as well as Rob Liefeld. It also states that Marat Mychaels also helped with the inks of Vol 1 5. Marat and Brian were not credited as there was a rush to get the issue published and editor Bob Harras forgot to add their credits when submitting it.
  • Though the full roster of the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members appear on the cover, only a few of them appear in this issue.

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