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  • Sebastian Shaw's hovercraft

Synopsis for "Target: Cable"

Shaw Industries
X-Force gears up, as if going to war. The team stands ready and waits for their leaders command. A man and woman are shadowed in front of them. Then it is shown that the person commanding them is not Cable and Domino, but instead Sebastian Shaw and Lady Tessa. X-Force tells Shaw that they will do as he commands and as he has trained them. Holocaust stands nearby and tells the team that their orders are to kill a man. That man is Cable. The team then celebrates their mission.

Cable and Domino look over the last known location of Shatterstar before he was kidnapped. They have been unable to locate X-Force with Cerebro and any other means. Cable looks for any clues in the meantime. Shatterstar watches them from the rooftops and he calls in his report to Shaw that he has located Cable. Shatterstar then attacks both Cable and Domino. They are caught by the surprise of his attack which is soon joined by Warpath who begins fighting Cable. Domino grabs a weapon and knocks Warpath down. They then run into a nearby office on Wall Street.

X-Force searches for them in the offices and soon find their quarry. Cable tells Domino they must get to the rooftops before it is too late. Flying high above, Shaw uses Lady Tessa to keep mental control over X-Force. She warns him of her limited abilities and the possibility of losing some of the team to Cable. Shaw tells her that X-Force will just need to kill him before she does.

Caliban tracks Cable to an elevator shaft, in which they are hiding. Domino then cuts the cables on the elevator and it plummets to the ground knocking Caliban out. The two then continue to crawl up to the rooftop and break free. They are quickly met by Sunspot and Shatterstar. Shatterstar takes on Domino while Cable handles Sunspot and shoots him off with a TK blast. Domino is stabbed in the shoulder by Shatterstar and Cable takes him out with another TK blast. Cable runs to Domino and picks her up. He then crashes with her through the skylight of the Bank of New York.

Cable bets on Sunspot to follow after them, which he does. When he gets close enough, Cable uses a concussion grenade to knock Sunspot out. While he is out, Cable tries to clear his mind of Tessa's control. He succeeds and after Sunspot answers him in the Askani language, he states that Sunspot must have shared his memories when Cable tried to knock out the Reignfire possession a while back.

On the rooftop, Shaw and Holocaust go to pickup Shatterstar. Holocaust wants to kill him since he is "unworthy" on the battlefield. Shaw warns him that he has a plan. Tessa then mentally alerts Shaw that she has lost her control over Sunspot. He tells Holocaust that it is time for X-Force to finish this fight. X-Force enters the bank and picks up on Cable's tracks while realizing that he has Sunspot.

Cable and Sunspot take Domino to Central Park. They think that it gives them enough space and cover to be able to take on X-Force. Cable leaves them to keep them safe and heads off into the park. X-Force soon finds him. He tries to battle against them all at once and is soon overtaken. He then lashes out at them all with a psychic blast. He tries to have them all see that they were a team and that they don't have to fight him if they do not want to. After a while it finally clicks in and they are free of Tessa's control. Cable then tells them it is time to go home.

Shaw's Hovercraft
Holocaust is upset that X-Force could not finish the job and kill Cable. Shaw tells him that they have won while at the same time they lost. They won by learning X-Force's teamwork and actions on the battlefield. Holocaust tells Shaw that he trusts him since he knows Shaw is a commander who sees wars are not won by a single battle. He then thinks to himself that he will listen to him, for now.


  • This issue marks the 50th anniversary issue of X-Force.

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