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Appearing in "Reflections in the Night"

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  • Cable's jeep

Synopsis for "Reflections in the Night"

The Danger Room
It is midnight and Sabretooth has escaped from his Danger Room cell. Bishop and Cable stand in the Danger Room looking for clues. Bishop reveals that Psylocke was hurt and Boomer states that Sabretooth got free first. He does not believe her story. Cable tries to defend her to Bishop. Bishop gets upset that he is blinded by his students and Storm has to break them up.

Upstairs, Boomer sits in a locked room looking at old pictures of the New Mutants and thinking of how she has made mistakes in her life. She makes time-bombs in the room and blows up some of the pictures and childhood toys.

In the medi-lab, Shatterstar is being examined by Beast again. Beast begins to interrogate him about his family and past. Cable overhears him and sees that Shatterstar is getting uncomfortable and decides to step in. He tells Beast that Shatterstar needs to leave his service and rejoin the team. Beast is amazed at how alike Shatterstar is to his old teammate Longshot.

Gambit hides on the rooftop when suddenly a scream and an explosion blow up a room in the mansion. He runs to investigate and steps inside the room. Inside, he finds Siryn sleeping in her bed. She awakens and is frightened by him being in her room. He tells her that she blew up part of the room in her sleep and she tells him that she had a nightmare about being held against her will along with Deadpool.

New York City
Warpath runs very quickly through the streets of Westchester County. He speeds past a sheriff's car that clocks him at almost 90 miles an hour. He wonders about this speed and his heightened senses have come from. He also wonders about the distress call he received from the National Council on Indian Affairs (NCIA) to go into New York. He stops by the river and someone watches him in the shadows and laughs.

Cannonball tries to talk to Boomer through the door of the room she locked herself in. Inside, she is cutting her hair and fighting with him about letting him in. He tells her that he is concerned about her and she tells him not to be while sending a time-bomb through the keyhole and exploding it in his face.

Sunspot sits upside-down, floating in the air while talking to Caliban. Caliban does not understand why Sunspot has been talking in the Askani language recently. Sunspot tells him it is because he absorbed part of Cable's mind when he took out the Reignfire presence.

New York City
Warpath is thrown to the ground by an exploding car nearby. He turns to find his attacker and throws a crushed car at her. The attacker touches the car flying toward her and it suddenly drops to the ground in front of her as nothing bigger than a pile of trash. The woman runs to Warpath and kisses him and while running off, she tells him that she was not there to hurt him and to call her Risque.

Warpath arrives back at Xavier's. He is met by Cable who realizes that he was kissed and the lipstick is not Siryn's. Cannonball comes running outside and tells them both that there is a problem with Boomer and that she has locked herself in the room. When they arrive, she opens the door and shows them that she has adopted a new haircut and a new name, Meltdown.

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