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Synopsis for "Bad Girls"

Camp Hayden
The X-Force women break into the Camp Hayden research center. The team consists of Domino, Meltdown and Siryn. As they enter the base they find a wall that has been spray-painted with the name "Onslaught", but cannot figure out what it means. Then, they feel an earthquake and soon find that it is not the ground that is shaking, but instead the Blob. They immediately attack and he shows that he has new enhanced powers since they last met. He takes out all of their attacks that they throw at him.

Shatterstar and Warpath duel in the Danger Room. Warpath has been sparring with him for some time and he finally gets a hit in on Shatterstar. Warpath questions what happened and Shatterstar seems distracted. He tells him that he has been acting this way since his attack on Domino, in which he stabbed her. Warpath tells him his reaction means that he is becoming more human.

Camp Hayden
Meltdown then jumps on top of him and throws a time-bomb in his mouth. She then starts counting down from ten until he gives up. Siryn does not approve of her actions and Domino tells her to stay back until he is dealt with. Tabitha keeps counting down and the Blob finally gives in. Tabitha continues to countdown and Domino finally steps in and tells her to stop. She then sucks her bomb back up and instead uses a concussion bomb to knock out the Blob.

From above, the Mimic enters the building and flies down to the Blob. He picks him up and tells him that their "employer" will not be happy with him. Domino tells the others that they will not follow Mimic because he is stronger since his disappearance in Siberia. They decide to wait for the rest of the team.

Caliban follows Sunspot to Gideon's old Manhattan office. He does not understand that Sunspot is still friends with someone who tried to kill him. Sunspot tells him they are not friends, but that he has business to take care of. Suddenly the building explodes and a body comes raining down into the street. It hits the ground in front of the two. The body is Gideon and he is dead. He appears to be drained of his life force. The two wonder how Gideon could be dead since he is an External.

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