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Quote1.png Impressive, Warpath. Through all the centuries... I've never had anyone track me -- when I didn't want them to. Unfortunately, you won't be alive long enough to share what you've learned... Quote2.png
Mysterious woman

Appearing in "Even an X-Ternal Can Die!"

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Synopsis for "Even an X-Ternal Can Die!"

Gideon is dead. Sunspot and Caliban both stare at his corpse and cannot find out why this supposed immortal died. Caliban warns about other mutants who are angry in the area. Crule and Absalom both attack them. They blame Caliban and Sunspot for Gideon's death. Though they tell them they did not do it, the two still attack.

Domino, Siryn and Meltdown arrive back from Camp Hayden. They talk about their encounter with the Blob. Then Shatterstar and Warpath come in and tell them that there is a priority one signal from Sunspot and Caliban asking for help. They quickly jump into the PACRAT and fly toward New York City.

Caliban is wounded from Absalom's attack. He is bleeding profusely and Sunspot worries that they will not be able to hold off the attackers before the rest of the team arrives. Crule tries to attack and his braids are then cut by swords. He turns to find the rest of X-Force waiting to fight. Shatterstar then jumps at him and attacks. Meltdown takes on Absalom while Domino runs to aid Caliban. Warpath decides to go inside the building that exploded. He senses someone watching them from above. Inside, he finds Saul crucified on the wall. He wonders who could have done this.

Outside, Meltdown continues to attack Absalom and gets him on the ground. Shatterstar takes on Crule and is so fierce that Domino decides to step in and stop him from killing him. Inside the building, Warpath senses that someone is hidden in the shadows. He is then knocked out by an unknown attacker. The woman tells him that she has not been tracked by anyone like that for centuries and he will not live to see who she is.

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