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Appearing in "Q & A"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Externals (Only in flashback)
    • Previous Appearance of Absalom Absalom (Death) (Only in flashback)
    • Selene (Only in flashback)
    • Crule (Death) (Only in flashback)
  • Bastion Next Appearance of Bastion (First appearance chronologically) (Shadow only)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Q & A"

New York Police Station
Sunspot is interrogated by Charlotte Jones of the New York Police Department. She is wondering why he and X-Force were all caught in proximity of the bodies of Gideon and other mutants. Sunspot denies that he nor X-Force had anything to do with the External's deaths. He tries to explain that they were killed by Selene, whom was not found at the scene of the crime. Charlotte tells him that X-Force is not cooperating with their investigation. The rest of the detectives feel that they need to move on to the next suspect.

Next to be interrogated is Siryn. The detectives seem more interested in finding out about her and her team than they do about learning about the investigation. Siryn tells them that Warpath was almost sucked into the building and he was not found. She then tries to tell them again about the Externals and the police still don't believe the stories they are hearing.

Shatterstar is next up. He tells them flatly that he will not cooperate with their interrogation. They start calling him Benjamin and tell him that they have his file. He tells them that they are wrong and that he is not Benjamin. They then show him a picture of this Benjamin and it looks just like him. Shatterstar is stunned by this news.

Domino sits down to be questioned by the police. The detective asks one question and she does not budge. He then kicks her out and brings in Meltdown. They ask her about Crule and she tells them that the guy was the last of the Externals. He attempted to kill Selene, but she instead drained his life force. Suddenly, Cable appeared and blasted her with his telekinesis. She tries to drain his life force, but it unable to do so. Then everyone tries to attack at once and she knocks them all out except for Meltdown.

Selene is overjoyed that she has only one more External to kill. Meltdown tells her that Cannonball will take care of her instead. Selene laughs and tells her that Cannonball is not an External as was believed. She tells Meltdown to ask Cable about that and then disappears. Blaquesmith then suddenly appears and goes to Cable's side. He then sends out a psychic message to them all that they should not remember his presence and then they all black out. They wake up next to the police originally picking them up at the scene of the crime.

Later, the team sits in their cell together. Charlotte Jones then comes to the cell door and tells them that they are all free to go. She then tells them that they have a good friend that got them out. Later still, while Charlotte Jones goes to her car after work, she is met by a shadowed figure who tells her that they have zero tolerance for her releasing of X-Force.


  • This story is told from a flashback standpoint. X-force recalls events while they are interrogated.


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