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Quote1 I'm not a mutant! My face got burned in a grease fire, that's all. But these guys wouldn't have attacked me if it weren't for real mutants! Like you two! It's all your fault! Quote2
—Unnamed burn victim, to Warpath and Risque

Appearing in "Crazy for You"

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  • Risque's motorcycle
  • An ambulance

Synopsis for "Crazy for You"

Abandoned Church
Siryn and Shatterstar get away from the mansion for a while to play a little game of tag. Siryn flies through an abandoned church and Shatterstar looks to catch her. He breaks through the glass ceiling and catches her. She suddenly has a vision of Deadpool asking her for help. Shatterstar asks her what is wrong and she says she remembers everything.

South Beach, Miami
Risque and Warpath go for a joyride through the city. Warpath is speeding and is running from the cops. He feels very alive with Risque. He tells her that he has not felt this alive in years and they passionately embrace in a kiss. Jimmy thinks to himself that he has forgotten about Siryn and then thinks that he is bringing real life into his new fantasy.

Weisman Institute
Siryn and Shatterstar steal an ambulance and head off to the Weisman Institute by themselves. They didn't tell anyone else that they were going either. When they break in, Shatterstar disappears into the building while Siryn goes off on her own. Shatterstar comes across Deadpool, Dr. Weisman and Gamesmaster. They welcome him as Benjamin and tell him he's been a bad boy. Siryn, meanwhile, is taunted by a hallucination of Deadpool.

South Beach, Miami
Warpath and Risque continue on their motorcycle down the road. They hear a person scream out for help. When they arrive, they find a person being rounded up by the Friends of Humanity and being razed for being a mutant. The man tells the group that he is not a mutant and they threaten to beat him up still. Warpath saves the man from the group and Risque destroys their bikes. The group runs off and the victim is just as scared since he also blames the mutants for the problem in the first place.

Weisman Institute
Siryn continues to be haunted by several Deadpool visions that sing to her and taunt her. She finally calls him out on it and the visions stop. She is left in Deadpool's room and she asks him what went on after she left. He tells her that he is ready for it all to stop. Then, Dr. Weisman and Gamesmaster enter the room. Siryn soon finds out that Dr. Weisman is now being the one possessed. She holds the sword up to her and the Gamesmaster congratulates her on winning his game. Deadpool thanks Terry by kissing her.

Terry later runs into Shatterstar as they are leaving. He is stricken with fear and she asks him why he did not help her out inside. He tells her that Gamesmaster told him things about his past that have stunned him. He says he was told that he is really a human being named Benjamin Russell and that his life as Shatterstar is a made up fantasy. He also says he believes that he was told the truth.

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