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Quote1.png Siryn, I could protect only one member of the team, so I chose you. You alone are the team's inspiration -- You alone have an unshakeable belief that what they are doing is right. Quote2.png
-- Charles Xavier

Appearing in "...Before the Dawn (Onslaught: Impact 2)"

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Synopsis for "...Before the Dawn (Onslaught: Impact 2)"

Astral Plane
Roberto Da Costa is playing in the soccer match of his life. He is in front of the entire population of Rio de Janeiro. He makes the winning shot in front of his girlfriend Juliana and his father Emmanuel. After the game, he hears a psychic call to him to realize that none of this is true. He understands and the voice tells him that he is going to need to save the others.

Siryn wakes up in the rubble of the mansion. She busts free and soon realizes that she is the only one who survived the attack by Sinister. She first tries to send out a psi-call to Cable who tells her to stay calm and it is always darkest before the dawn, but he is suddenly attacked himself. She stands vigil around the other members of the team and continues to try to save them one by one. She begins by talking to Tabitha.

Astral Plane
Tabitha Smith finds Sabretooth. She tells him that he has it coming to him as she throws her time-bombs at him. He goes after her, but one of her bombs knocks him out. Tabitha is then met by Sunspot who tells her to come with him. Caliban sees a world that is similar to the world of Superman in which Cable and Domino are his parents and he is the person sent to Earth. He is called into the barn and Sunspot and Tabitha ask him to follow them.

On an Apache reservation, Warpath and Thunderbird roam around, looking for buffalo. They find one and take it down. Later, the sit around a campfire and Sunspot approaches and asks Warpath to join him. They next look for Shatterstar. They expect to find him on the battlefield, but instead he is sitting under a tree around some butterflies. He tells them he will not join them since he is not sure who he is anymore. Then the voice talks to them again and tells them their time grows short.

They next find Domino who tells them to leave as well. They tell her no and ask her to come with them since they need a leader. Then the figure appears to them as a little boy. He tells them that now that they are all together, they must go into the light and not look back. As they head off, they turn around once and see the boy convert into Onslaught and realize that they have been used.

Just then, the team wakes up around Siryn. They are not too sure what is going on. Warpath immediately asks about Risque, but Siryn says she was not there when she woke up. Caliban tells them they are not alone. They turn and see a boy who tells them that he is the younger self of Charles Xavier. He is now able to be freed from Onslaught thanks to their help. As he disappears, he tells them that they are also ones that Onslaught cannot touch and they are a team and whole.

Onslaught Impact Two
Amazing Spider-Man #415 Avengers #402 Generation X #19 Green Goblin #12 Incredible Hulk #445 Iron Man #332
Punisher (Vol. 3) #11 Spider-Man #72 Wolverine (Vol. 2) #105 X-Factor #126 X-Force #58 X-Men Unlimited #12

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