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Appearing in "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? (Shatterstar Saga, Pt. 1)"

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Synopsis for "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? (Shatterstar Saga, Pt. 1)"

X-Force Safehouse
X-Force questions Shatterstar. Cable does not trust him anymore and wants to know who he really is. With the teams battle with Onslaught he cannot take any more people with issues in their background to sneak onto their team. The rest of the group believes Shatterstar is good and wants Cable to help him. Rictor enters the room and tells Shatterstar he is along for the ride if he needs him. The team then goes off to look for any clues they can about Shatterstar's past.

Charlotte Jones looks over a fax that has just come through. It looks like some of the information is missing. She heads outside and sees one of the Sentinels in the street from the Onslaught battle over New York. Cable approaches her and asks her about Shatterstar's file. She tells him that some of the records are missing and just disappeared.

Weisman Institute
The team then heads to the Weisman Institute in Vermont. They find that the institute has been completely abandoned and all the information on the patients has disappeared. They do not realize that Gog and Ma'gog are watching their movements. They get back in their ship and head out.

Just as they take off to go to Boston, they are attacked by Gog and Ma'gog. They rip through the ship and Rictor tries to attack them, but only damages the ship even more. Gog grabs Shatterstar and starts to take off. They are all going down and Cable sees Gog teleporting off with Shatterstar and jumps after them.

The rest of the team suddenly blips out of existence and then reappears after the ship has already crashed into the ground. Domino cannot understand how they survived the crash and says that it was not her that got them through it. They turn to see Longshot who tells them that some people are just born lucky.

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