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Quote1.png You do have the fire inside you, Proudstar! You would thrive very nicely on my world. And worry not in regards to my cutting blades -- I would never use them in training against a friend. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Under the Gun"

Caracas, Venezuela
Stryfe talks to Zero about his role in the plans of the mutants. He states that he has a master plan that will soon come to light. He also explains that the other mutants who think they are the movers of the mutant world, are not.

Morlock Tunnels
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants meets with Masque. They are trying to come to an agreement on forging an alliance of the Morlocks and the Brotherhood. Thornn stands up and says that the Morlocks will help as long as they let Thornn deal with Feral. They all agree.

X-Force headquarters
Domino and Cable relax from their time training. Domino again brings up the issue of Cable not telling Sam and Tabitha about his past. He gets a little upset and says that he will eventually but for now to just drop it.

Boom Boom and Cannonball are in the kitchen making sandwiches when they are interrupted by Feral. Boom Boom decides this is as good a time as any to confront her about her hurting Sam. Feral tells her to back off and she does not. Tabitha says her peace and then leaves. Feral screams after her that Boom Boom has made a terrible mistake.

Shatterstar and Warpath decide to spar in the woods around the base. Shatterstar expects to have better time training with a human than the interactions of the Danger Room. Siryn decides to officiate. Suddenly, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attack and grab Siryn. Shatterstar takes on Sauron and the Toad tells the Brotherhood to attack...


  • Included bonus - "Cable Guide" - featuring Cable's personal files for:


  • It is unknown why Hump did not help the Brotherhood along with Masque and Thornn.

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