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Appearing in "Ask Me No More Questions and I'll Tell You No More Lies! (Shatterstar Saga, Pt. 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Vermont family
  • Aliya Dayspring (Mentioned)
  • Windsong (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed Vermont TV station workers
  • Various soldiers of Longshot's rebel force

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Ask Me No More Questions and I'll Tell You No More Lies! (Shatterstar Saga, Pt. 3)"

Rutland, Vermont
An unnamed family watches television. This station is controlled by the megalomaniac Mojo. The family is stuck watching till the end of the show and is giving their life essence to him by continuing to watch mindlessly.

Cable and Shatterstar stand together among the hordes of Mojo's warriors. They are in a future land that Mojo has built in a digitized world. They are pawns in his game and Shatterstar has had enough. He fights his way through Mojo's warriors and see Mojo off in the distance. He runs at him and just as he jumps to kill him, he instead is gutted. The screen flashes. Mojo is controlling this digitized station from a local Vermont television station on Earth. He laughs at the death of Shatterstar.

X-Force is stunned at the death of Shatterstar and have no way to help since he is stuck in Mojo's world. Then, Spiral appears and offers her assistance. She states that both Longshot and Siryn must help get Shatterstar to safety. Though they do not believe her. Suddenly, Mojo's forces break into the palace and Spiral teleports both Longshot and Siryn into the digitized reality. Rictor tries to jump into the portal after them but misses. Caliban turns and sees on the television that Spiral, Longshot and Siryn all made it. Mojo loses his signal on Earth.

Weisman Institute
Spiral teleports Cable, Shatterstar, Longshot and Siryn to the Weisman Institute. They head inside and are blocked by Dr. Weisman. Cable uses his telepathy on her to control her into letting them by. They run to the bedside of Benjamin Russell with Shatterstar's body. Spiral tells Longshot that he knows what he must do and he uses his powers to put Shatterstar's soul inside Benjamin Russell's body. The transfer works and Benjamin Russell wakes up when suddenly Mojo appears. Longshot tries to attack and Spiral teleports them all away.

They appear inside Mojo's palace and as they hit the ground, Cable tells Caliban to destroy the television that imprisoned them to make sure that Mojo does not follow them. He does and Mojo, on Earth, is sucked out of reality. The station tower on Earth explodes. X-Force then convenes outside and determines that they need to go back home now that the threat has passed. Elsewhere, the Gamesmaster laughs.

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