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  • Wackyworld Skytrain

Synopsis for "Tragic Kingdom"

Wacky Dawg introduces us to the land of Wackyworld in Florida. The story begins with Risque explaining that she had not been back to Wackyworld since her childhood. Then the crowd begins to run wildly, screaming that there is a monster in the park. The 'monster' turns out to be Caliban. He is after Risque and she has nowhere to run. She instead jumps aboard the skytrain. While trying to sneak away on the train she remembers how she got to the park.

She had left Warpath in New York and then headed back to her home in Florida. There, she found that X-Force had already made their way into her apartment and were still inside. She ran away to Wackyworld and did not think they would ever find her there. After her flashback, she realizes that Caliban has made his way onto the train and is trying to break through the window.

She breaks through an emergency window and crawls down the skytrain railings. She is almost to the ground when she is met by Sunspot and Siryn flying through the air toward her. She jumps the rest of the way down to the ground and lands on some Wackyworld security guards. Risque then runs into one of the parks enclosed rides. She jumps into one of the cars with two boys and tries to hide.

JFK Airport
Domino gets off the plane and walks into the terminal. While going through customs, she offers up her passport which says that her name is Christina Alioso and the customs agent sees her name flagged. He then motions and she is met by some security guards and told to come with them.

Risque continues to hide on the ride with the two boys. Suddenly, Caliban crashes through the wall and tries to grab Risque. She uses her powers to implode part of the ride and it crashes down onto Caliban. She goes to escape, but he reaches up and grabs her. Caliban asks her to give him Warpath, but suddenly he is overwhelmed by an attack of some kind. Risque uses this chance to run, but doesn't get far before turning to go back to help Caliban.

Then, the rest of X-Force come charging in and find her. They tell her to get away from Caliban. Risque states that she was trying to help Caliban from this illness that is hurting him and they all go to help their teammate. Siryn then pressures Risque into telling them where James is being held.

Detroit, Michigan
Warpath wakes up from his drug-induced sleep. He remembers Risque drugging him in New York and he now does not know where he is. He turns to see a person nearby working on something in the warehouse. He goes to confront the person and realizes that he is a mutant. The person says his name is Sledge and that he was the one who captured him. He tells him that he had helped Blob and Mimic with their powers and that he is offering Warpath the same. He tells him that he has information that his tribe was not killed as he thought and offers him one of the members of his tribe in return for Warpath helping him.

JFK Airport
Domino is left inside a bathroom. The door opens and it is the security guards from before. They take her to another part of the terminal where she finds G.W. Bridge waiting for her and he reveals that they were SHIELD agents. He tells her that he was pulled away from where he was at to meet with her at JFK because of the importance of what he had to tell her.

Detroit, Michigan
X-Force locates the warehouse where Sledge and Warpath are located. They break in and find both of them. They go to rescue their teammate and he tells them that they do not need to rescue him and that he is ready to leave. They walk out and Sledge tells James that he needs to remember they have a deal. Risque goes to try to ask Warpath for forgiveness and he tells her they are through. X-Force then leaves.

JFK Airport
Bridge tells Domino she is not under arrest, but that he instead needs her help. He tells her that he needs to keep SHIELD's nose clean if anything were to go wrong and so he is asking her. He says that a Zero Tolerance operative is threatening one of their SHIELD agents and they cannot compromise their agents cover. He then tells her that their agent is Danielle Moonstar.

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