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Quote1.png We are the new generation of Sentinels, mutants. Lethal force has been fully authorized. We will end the mutant threat once and for all. Quote2.png
Prime Sentinels

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Synopsis for "Stand-Off"

Wakeman Research Center
Missouri policemen surround the Wakeman Research Center, where inside the MLF have recently taken several guards and researchers hostage. A group of vehicles pull up to the police and out step members of Zero Tolerance, led by Ekatarina Gryaznova. She tells the police that she is now running the point on the hostage situation as there are mutants inside.

Inside, Wildside has assumed the role of MLF leader. He threatens the doctors to give him information on the development of a new legacy virus. Tempo warns that she is only able to find valid cancer research in their computers but that there is a file that is encrypted. A doctor is then forced to give out the password. One guard has stayed hidden and finally works up the nerve to pull out his gun at the group. Moonstar quickly takes him out with an arrow. Wildside is upset that she did not let him deal with her but continues to state that the source of information he was given was very reliable.

Locus then teleports into the room and tells them all that Zero Tolerance has taken over. Wildside is not worried, but Locus tells him that he is wrong in going up against them. She states that Wildside has gone mad and tells the others she is leaving the team and teleports off. The rest of the group is stunned by Wildside's actions and begins to worry. A few of the doctors communicate together and say that their job is now easier that the teleporter is gone. A news crew arrives and Moonstar watches the screen she is surprised with who she sees walk out of the news van. Part of X-Force is posing as reporters and she tells Wildside that she should call the crew in to record their story and ask for demands. Wildside agrees.

Outside, Domino, Sunspot and Siryn gather their news equipment together. Domino tells them that Danielle is an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent on the inside. Sunspot is upset that Danielle never told him. The team then confronts the Zero Tolerance troops while still posing as reporters. They tell them that being media, they deserve to go inside to correctly cover the hostage situation. Gryaznova is unconvinced but allows them to enter. While walking through the gates, Gryaznova tells her troops that she knows exactly who they are and what she is doing.

Cable tries to keep Caliban calm and rested after his recent spells and seizures. Cable is worried for Caliban but tells him that Moira MacTaggert is working hard to find out what is wrong. He puts Caliban to bed and then steps outside. Angel then flies down to meet and talk with Cable. He tells Angel that they are all three the most affected by Apocalypse out of the group and that Angel's recent regeneration of his wings and Caliban's spells may be related.

Wakeman Research Center
Domino turns on the cameras and relays to the rest of the team the plan to strike once they are inside. The camera feed suddenly becomes scrambled and the team outside thinks something is wrong. They burst out of their van and are suddenly struck down by some force. Inside, the X-reporters are met by the MLF. Wildside welcomes them but they soon recognize them as X-Force.

Wildside tries to make them all lose their grip on reality with his powers. Sunspot and Siryn are both caught off-guard and only Domino is able to keep her grip and see through his twist on reality. They all begin to attack and the three researchers feel that they have waited long enough to act. Before anyone can do anything, Moonstar shoots an arrow above them all and stops them in their tracks. She confesses that she called X-Force in to try to help them all get out. Wildside still thinks that they have to kill the hostages and Moonstar shoots him with an arrow. The researchers then stand up and reveal that they are Prime Sentinels posing as researchers and they are ready to take out all the mutants.

Caliban sleeps peacefully in his bed while surrounded by his toys and dolls. Ozymandias stands above him and says that this will be Caliban's last night to sleep in the mansion before the storm comes. He tells the sleeping Caliban that he envies the friends that freed Caliban from Apocalypse's hold over him. He warns that Apocalypse does not give up his hold that easily, however and that when Caliban's pain is too much, he will return to Apocalypse.


  • Tempo has not been seen since X-Force #30, and Dragoness has not been seen since X-Men (Vol. 2) #15.
  • Locus appears with dark skin in this issue for the first time which seemed to drop the theory that she was a resurrected Magik. She leaves the MLF in this issue, however makes a few more appearances. Later she was killed by Sabretooth in the Weapon X series and Magik has been resurrected. This theory has been dropped entirely.
  • There is a mention of at least one or two members of the MLF being Alpha Class mutants in this issue.

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