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-- Cable

Appearing in "Under the Knife"

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  • X-Force Scout Ship

Synopsis for "Under the Knife"

continued from last issue...
X-Force starts their battle against the new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Shatterstar takes on Sauron in the skies while Warpath and Siryn take on the Toad, Pyro and Blob below. Shatterstar takes out Sauron and feels that he needs bigger guns to take down the rest of the group. He takes off looking for a weapon cache. Meanwhile, Thornn, Masque and Phantazia look for an entrance into the X-Force base. They soon find it and enter in the hangar. X-Force is waiting for them inside.

Warpath battles the Blob while Siryn knocks out Pyro with a sonic scream. The Toad jumps in and uses a new mutant resin that he is secreting biologically. He seals up her mouth and luckily Shatterstar arrives just in time with his weapons and shoots Toad.

The Brotherhood turns the lights off in the hangar. This puts out all of X-Force except Feral. She decides to take on her newly revealed sister, Thornn. Cannonball attempts to take out Phantazia but instead has his powers turned against him. Feral fights ferociously with her sister but is knocked out. Thornn vows to get revenge for Feral's past sins anyhow. X-Force decides to take the battle outside.

Sauron recovers and heads for the base. Cannonball flies directly toward him and Sauron prepares to strike. They meet and Cannonball is immediately impaled by Sauron's claws. Boom Boom freaks out and runs to Cannonball. Cable stops her and she screams out that Cannonball is not breathing and must be dead!

Appearing in "X-Tenuating Circumstances (Part 1 of 3)"

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Synopsis for "X-Tenuating Circumstances (Part 1 of 3)"

Weapon X is called in to a smuggler's ring north of Vancouver. He arrives and enters the building. Inside, he finds a large group of smugglers and quickly takes them all out, without even breaking a sweat. Suddenly, he is greeted by a few of the MLF members: Sumo, Wildside and Forearm. They rhetorically ask what Weapon X is doing there... other than dying.

To be continued...


  • The second story does not contain any credits. It is assumed that the credits are the same as the first.
  • The second story is a story arc that is not continued in this comic until X-Force #9

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