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Appearing in "Hitting the Road"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Gibson and Meyer, Zero Tolerance soldiers
  • Coyote
  • Several dogs from an alternate dimension
  • Spencer Beaumont
  • Lurlene and other diner patrons

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Hitting the Road"

New Mexico
Sunspot, Moonstar and Siryn stand over the unconscious body of Commander Gryaznova. Moonstar and Siryn enter the transport vehicle while Sunspot guards her. Inside the vehicle, they find their friends Meltdown, Shatterstar and Rictor. After finding the keycard on one of the guards, they finally free them from their containment units. They then head to their ship to take off and Meltdown turns to use her bomb on Gryaznova, but instead blows up the transport vehicle.

Xavier Institute
Cable heads into the tunnels below the mansion to find Caliban. Caliban has been hiding out in the tunnels since the Zero Tolerance soldiers stormed the mansion. The troops are now gone and Cable finds his friend cowering in the shadows. Cable tells him to come outside and that it is safe but Caliban tells him someone told him that he is not supposed to go. Then Ozymandias reveals himself as the one controlling Caliban. He puts Cable to sleep and tells him that when he wakes he will think that Caliban is with a friend and is safe. Caliban then follows Ozymandias out of the tunnels to go back to Apocalypse.

Dark Dimension
The dogs are mauling Warpath while 'Coyote' and the Vanisher float above them. The Vanisher yells down to Warpath and tells him that the dogs will stay at bay if he tells them a story. Warpath then begins to tell them about his past and his people. Suddenly the dogs stop attacking and sit still to listen to his story.

Domino continues to try to use the phone to contact any of the X-teams without any luck. Spencer, the truck driver who rescued her, comes outside to check on her and she tells him that she needs to go. He tells her that he will gladly drive her anywhere and she turns to see the PACRAT flying towards them. She kisses him goodbye and then jumps on the ship. Inside, X-Force welcomes her back to the team and then Meltdown asks her what happened to her hair. She recounts the lead-up to her disappearance, but is not sure what Gryaznova did to her. The team then meets Cable in another ship while flying toward the mansion.

North Carolina
X-Force follows Cable in the ship to his secluded cabin safehouse in the mountains. They go inside and Cable stays to talk to Domino outside. She tells him that she is scared of what was done to her and she feels like she is losing her edge. She then tells Cable that she needs some time off and leaves the team. Cable goes inside and tells the rest of the team that they are at a crossroads and tells them Caliban and Domino have both left X-Force.

He then announces that they need to go "underground" and assume new identities to stay under the radar from Zero Tolerance and other threats that are coming after them. Rictor tells them that he is going to go off to Mexico to finally end his family's black market racket and Shatterstar tells him he is going as well. After each member tells Cable why they do not agree that going underground is the way to go, Cable tells them that he has nothing else to do to try to protect them and they each are allowed to go their own way. He then walks out the door to let them make their own decisions for what is best for themselves.

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