Quote1.png Why should I want to leave... when I am the one who started this blaze? Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Stop Motion"

James and Theresa are pulled over by policemen who threaten to kill them if they try anything. The police seem to be crooked cops and Theresa tries to reason with them. The police tell them they are wanted for the murder of a man up north and one of them goes to get his tranquilizer gun from the car. He shoots it at James, but James grabs the dart in midair and throws it back at the policeman, knocking him out. The other policeman tells James that he was following the orders of someone over the phone that was going to pay them for picking the two up. James tosses the cop aside and jumps in the car with Theresa and drives away.

Washington, D.C.
Detective Sanders and a policeman watch security footage from a bank robbery. They see as the robbers enter the building and Domino steps in. She knocks out the leader with a cane and then knocks out another. She then is shot as she uses the robber as a shield and then takes out the last robber. She then leaves the building. The policeman tells Sanders that she is probably long gone and Sanders still says he is going to find her one way or another.

Langley, Virginia
Domino sits in a hotel room tending to her gunshot wounds. She sews herself up and thinks that she is not as fast as she used to be due to the device in her neck. She then decides she needs training and picks up the phone. She calls a bar in Chicago and tells the bartender that she needs a trainer. The bartender hangs up the phone and turns to Deadpool and asks him to guess who just called. Deadpool then guesses several random names.

Martin Edwards stands near the policemen that pulled James and Theresa over earlier. He calls a man named Cheswick and tells him that the police did stop the two, but were unable to capture them. He hangs up and calls the policemen amateurs.

At a local bus station, Theresa and James walk in to find the locker Michael Whitecloud told them held the information about the deaths of James' tribesmen. They find the locker and James breaks in and grabs the file. Then, they are met by Martin Edwards. James recognizes him as Edwin Martynec, the one who poisoned his mother and tried to kill his brother before. Martin then transforms into a beast and attacks them both. He scratches Siryn and she falls down poisoned by his claws. James is also slashed and poisoned and collapses to the ground.

Memphis, Tennessee
Tabitha sits at a booth in a restaurant writing a letter to Sam. She tells of their breakup with Cable and the travels across the country. She also writes of her latest journey with Roberto and Dani while being a bodyguard to Richie Alegria. She writes that they are going to Texas and maybe he can meet them there. Then the rest of the group meet up with her at the booth and sit down to eat.

The Edgewood Hotel is on fire and the firemen struggle to put out the blaze, but to no avail. A figure then appears in the flames and the fireman yells at him to not panic and that they are going to help get him out. The figure tells the fireman that he does not want to leave since he started the fire. He then sets the fireman on fire and says he is on the trail of Sunspot and his friends and leaving destruction in his wake but will soon catch up to them.

Somewhere in Arkansas
Martin Edwards has bound up James and Theresa and plans to run some experimental tests on them. He then brings his robot helper in and it turns out to be one of Stryfe's damaged ZERO units. James asks him how he got the robot and Martin tells him that Stryfe gave it to him. James then asks if Stryfe was behind the murder of his tribe and Martin tells him that he was.

Martin explains that he was in an institution when he was approached by Stryfe and offered to work for him. He says that he ran experiments for Stryfe who had taken over Project: Stepladder. Stryfe found out about Michael Whitecloud's speaking to one of the experiment patients and doctor and he sent Martynec to kill everyone on the reservation.

Meanwhile, Siryn begins to use her powers to weaken the metal gag and finally breaks it. She then uses her powers to free Warpath. James jumps up and surprises Martin, who has already transformed into his beast form. Warpath knocks him into his syringes and onto the ground. Martin grabs one of the syringes filled with an amphetamine and stabs it into Warpath, injecting him. Warpath clutches his chest and falls to the ground as his heart begins to give out. Siryn then attacks and blasts Martin into the wall and breaks all of his bones in the process. She then runs to James' side and does not find a pulse as his eyes roll back.

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