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I don't want to fight you, Domino, but I have no choice. I promise to end this quickly.
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One more thing, in case either of you has any reservation about taking on a former teammate, consider this -- -- if either one of you tries to pull your punches or throw the fight, I'll kill your mutual friend Rictor!
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Appearing in "Bittersweet Reunions"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Feral (Only in flashback)
  • Patch
  • Snakeskin and other unnamed bodyguard applicants


Synopsis for "Bittersweet Reunions"

Still on their journey through the West, the team goes bowling. Sam talks about his insecurities living with the X-Men and reconnects with Dani Moonstar, while Sunspot and Meltdown debate whether or not to tell him that they shared a kiss. When Meltdown uses her powers to make the pins explode they draw attention from the locals and decide they better leave.

In an empty oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico, Domino fights in a bloodsport-style underground tournament run by Arcade, hoping thereby to get close to a crime lord named Etienne Rousseau. She defeats a mercenary called Snakeskin and many others, but then must fight her old teammate Shatterstar. Arcade warns them that if they don’t fight, he will kill Rictor, whom he has kidnapped and is holding in a room filled with containers of nitroglycerine to prevent him from using his powers.

Domino defeats Shatterstar and knocks him out. Etienne enters the room with an LMD of Arcade, which Domino decapitates. Etienne congratulates Domino and welcomes her into his employ. But she promptly arrests him on behalf of the UN Security council. Watching from an unknown location, the real Arcade speaks with Mojo, who says Shatterstar remains his property.

In Texas, Sam walks in on Tabitha and Bobby kissing, leading to a fight that causes Sam to rocket away.


  • The credits list thanks given to Adam Pollina for the story idea.

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