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Quote1.png We mutants constitute some of the most powerful beings on this planet, and yet we continue to hide in the shadows like frightened children. It's fear and self-loathing that has allowed the government to treat us as less than human when we are much more. And as the twenty-first century dawns, we can no longer let ourselves be branded as pariahs or segregated like lepers. We children of the atom are humanity's future -- and we intend to claim the respect and position that is our due. United, there is no one who can stop us. Quote2.png
King Bedlam

Appearing in "Blood & Betrayal (Armageddon Now, Pt. 2)"

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Synopsis for "Blood & Betrayal (Armageddon Now, Pt. 2)"

Jesse learns that his older brother has captured X-Force to use their power in awakening the incredibly deadly Armageddon Man.

Solicit Synopsis

Will X-FORCE join the all-new HELLIONS and become part of CHRISTOPHER BEDLAM's Age of Mutants?


  • Front cover shows this issue as "Mar" publishing date, though the index inside shows "April".

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