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Appearing in "Magnetic Distraction"

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  • The Sea Turtle, a fishing trawler

Synopsis for "Magnetic Distraction"

Peter Wisdom and X-Force are in the process of liberating a cybernetic brain from the genetics complex of the former Genoshan government, but the brain has activated all the robots in the cybernetics lab, and they seem to be intent on attacking X-Force. However, robots are little match for the team, and the problem disposed of, they make a break for it, unaware that the parts are still responding to the brain. Suddenly, the parts assemble into a gigantic robot behind them - but before they can respond the robot is disposed of by another force - Magneto has come!

Elsewhere on the island, Bedlam takes out some mutate guards with his new martial art skills[1] while Domino looks on and applauds. As they head on, however, Domino catches him popping pills. He explains its to keep himself from going crazy from using his power, but she remains skeptical.

Magneto wants the brain returned to his possession, but is refused. Attempting to take it, Sam initiates hostilities, but Magneto stops him. Briefly distracted by Meltdown, Magneto's hold on Sam wavers and he tosses the brain to James Proudstar. While Magneto tries to stop him, Wisdom further distracts Magneto, allowing Proudstar to enter the sewers unnoticed. Dani then assaults magneto, doing great harm to him, but as her power consumes her she starts to lose control, and Magneto takes advantage of her weakness to knock her out. Defeated, Sam pretends to concede defeat while secretly signaling Bedlam and Domino.

Meanwhile, Proudstar has almost made good his escape when Quicksilver catches up to him. But instead of engaging in combat, Quicksilver instead gives James the chance to explain why Quicksilver shouldn't just take the brain and return it to his father.

Bedlam disables the islands power generation network, permitting magistrates - who had previously been alerted to the possibility of the event by the heroes - to make an assault on the mutates armory. Magneto is forced to choose between aiding his mutate forces or fighting X-Force, and chooses to allow X-Force to leave.

Later on a fishing trawler, the Sea Turtle, we find Quicksilver has helped Proudstar to escape, and leaves, claiming he's convinced they pose no threat to Genosha. Wisdom installs the brain into a modified Life-Model Decoy, and it (mostly) successfully comes alive. Sam receives another box of memories for X-Force's troubles, and discovers his father and uncle may have committed murder!

Solicit Synopsis

  • Retrieving an artifact from Genosha sounds dangerous enough... but with the Master of Magnetism personally involved, it turns downright deadly! The object possesses secrets about X-Force's future - but will Magneto let the team live long enough to uncover them?!

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  1. acquired last issue via memory transplant!
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