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Quote1.png My name is James Proudstar. I don't want to be a killer. But now I have no choice. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Old Ghosts (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Old Ghosts (Part 4)"

In Arizona, Ghost Rider imbues James Proudstar with access to the spirit world so that he can fight the Demon Bear. Sometime later, they approach the massive spirit and begin their attack. Warpath leaps in the air and slashes the Demon Bear with his daggers while Ghost Rider’s chain plunges through the spirit’s chest. Demon Bear savagely swats the two men away and Ghost Rider remarks that it’s fighting like it’s in pain. He notices a demonic knife sticking out of the Demon Bear’s neck and tells Warpath it is poisoning the spirit with dark magic. Warpath yanks the blade out and the Demon Bear disappears in a flash of white light. In its place stand the pantheon of Apache animal gods, now free from their magical corruption. The spirit guides connect with Warpath and show him what transpired. He sees the exhumed body of his brother, John, being dragged across the ground by an unseen man...

Across the world in Japan, X-Force has been ambushed by Cameron Hodge’s anti-mutant group, The Right, decked out in Smile-Face armor. Wolverine orders Vanisher to teleport them all out, but Vanisher betrays them and escapes alone. Domino is shot and drops the vial containing the Legacy virus. It nearly falls into the hands of a member of The Right, but X-23 slices the man’s fingers off and grabs it herself. However, another Right soldier approaches from behind her, the drill on his mech suit whirring. He stabs Laura with the drill, the bit piercing both the hand holding the vial and Laura’s abdomen. Laura convulses. To X-Force’s shock, the vial has broken, releasing the Legacy virus into Laura’s bloodstream.

X-23 begins to succumb to the virus despite her healing factor. She tells the team she’s going to fulfill their mission to destroy the virus and runs off. Elixir follows her and watches as she steps off the catwalk above a vat of molten metal at the heart of the smelting plant. Josh manages to grab her arm and tells her he won’t let another friend die, even to save every mutant life. Elixir begins to use his powers to rid Laura’s system of the virus, and while he is successful, he loses consciousness from the effort and Laura slips from his grasp. She falls toward the vat of liquid metal below.

The rest of X-Force has finally killed the last Marauder clone and Right soldier. Just as Wolverine is about to go after X-23, Laura returns - severely burned but very much alive - helping a weakened Elixir along. The team then decides to blow up the factory and go find Vanisher.

Wolfsbane gallops through the snow in the woods of the Rocky Mountains when she is knocked off her feet. She looks up and sees her old love, Hrimhari, the Asgardian wolf god, who says he’s been looking for her for a long time.

Meanwhile, Cameron Hodge reports back to Bastion that they failed to obtain the Legacy virus sample from Mr. Sinister’s lab in Japan. However, they do have three other samples from other Sinister facilities. Bastion orders Hodge to send a replicated sample to the Leper Queen.

X-Force returns to Angel’s Aerie, teleporting in thanks to a captured and restrained Vanisher. There, they find a battle-weary Warpath, who tells them that the bodies of his brother and the rest of their tribe were dug up by their new adversary, Eli Bard.

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